iPad 2 wifi+3g not activating after restore.

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    Hi, i need some big help, i have an iPad 2 that was on iOS 7 because it could not be updated, the thing is that it also say everytime that it need to be restored to use cellular network. So i try first again to update it with iTunes and that work and the iPad update to iOS 9.2, but when i finish the update in the home screen the first thing i see is again the message for restore, so i go to iTunes again and restore the thing, after that everything was normal until i try to activate, it says that it could not activate because the service is not available at that time and that i have to try again, so i did that and same result, and with iTunes too, i contact apple, and they couldn't find whats the problem, and none of the little posts that i find with methods to do it works, like restoring again in rescue mode or DFU, deleting the ipsw and re downloading, removing the carrier sim card, try different networks, so if you have an idea please i need to try it, ¡thank you!.
    * the activate thing is step 4 (select language, country, wifi, *Activate*)
    ** Any sim card, active or not says "Searching".
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