iPad 3 Coming This Year With 2560x1920 Resolution Display?

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    Buried in a Reuters report this evening about the imminent launch of the MacBook Air, there was a single sentence nonchalantly stating that the iPad 3 would launch in the fourth quarter of this year with a screen resolution "5-6 times" higher than the iPad 2.

    The numbers seemed absurd so we tracked down the original Economic Daily News report which only made it sound slightly less unbelievable. Thanks to translation assistance from @wayyuen, @wongwil, @agleung and Micah Fisher-Kirshner, here's the relevant portion in English:
    The reasoning behind a second iPad update in 2011 is that Apple's competitors have been purely reacting to the launch of the iPad 2, and while they are ramping up their launches for later this year, Apple plans to trump them again by launching the iPad 3 quickly.


    While we might have just dismissed the report in its entirety, this actually isn't the first time we've heard this line of reasoning. In February before the launch of the iPad 2, both DaringFireball and TechCrunch seemed to believe that Apple would make such a move. DaringFireball wrote at that time:
    Perhaps the most unbelievable part of the story, however, is that Apple might try to reach a resolution of 2560x1920 in the new device. That resolution would be over 6x the number of pixels of the current iPad, and 2.5x the linear resolution in each dimension. The closest display we've heard of is Samsung's announcement of a 2560x1600 10.1" LCD display in May. Apple has been rumored to be bringing a "Retina" display to the iPad 3, though there has been little talk of it recently. To further add to the doubts, component manufacturers seem to be expecting the iPad 3 to arrive in 2012.

    Economic Daily Times has been a spotty source of Apple rumors, so we don't have much confidence in this report, but felt it an interesting discussion piece given the previous "iPad 3 in 2011" rumors.

    Article Link: iPad 3 Coming This Year With 2560x1920 Resolution Display?
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    full translation

  3. Peteman100 macrumors 6502

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    Please be true! This is the tablet I've been waiting for.
  4. Atothendrew24 macrumors member

    Jun 30, 2010
    If this is true than Apple is going to make a lot of people angry.
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    Aug 25, 2010
    If it's too good to be true...

    This would leave a couple jaws on the floor though:rolleyes:
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    North Texas
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    I just picked up an iPad 2 the other day, sold the old one to my mom for cheap since her Dell is dead. The deal made with the wife is that I get the iPad 3 when I graduate and she gets this one, so we won't have to share any more. So I'm looking forward to this. But I have to wonder: Won't the iPad 3 feel slower than an iPad 2 at such a huge resolution? I know, Apple won't release crap, blah blah, but really? Many PCs have a hard time with that. For instance, my iPhone 4, especially when scrolling, feels slower than my 3GS and they share the same graphics chip. I'm just wondering, since this iPad feels so much snappier than the old one, would it be smarter to wait for the iPad 4 after they've got a better graphics chip and more ram in there? (obviously newer hardware is better, but if not upgrading for awhile after initial purchase it might be a smart choice in the long run) Or will it use a newer graphics chip than this model? Can the current Imagination Graphics chipset, which is 9X faster, really push out that resolution? Or will they scale up to the same model with more cores? Would that further fragment iOS development at a point where devs are just starting to optimize better games for an iPad 2 and then have to switch to something even more complex?

    So many questions, so few answers. Wait and see I guess. But that's just what is on my mind at the moment.

    Now, the only thing I do know? Retina iPad = game over Apple wins. Can you imagine how beautiful that would be? Though web page graphics will still look like pixelated crap. As a web designer, I'd like to know how can you get around that?
  9. acslater017 macrumors 6502a

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    Doubt it.

    1) The 5th-generation iPhone is much more likely to be released in September. Why would they stack them so closely? It makes more sense to have iPad in April, WWDC in June, iPhone in September, Mac updates throughout the year (and holiday sales of course).

    2) It really wouldn't make sense for Steve Jobs to call 2011 "The Year of iPad 2".

    3) Competitors have not really stepped up. If the Xoom, Galaxy, etc. had been smash hits, then I could maybe see why Apple would want to "counterattack". But the iPad's sold 25 million units in 14 months. The rest have moved an order of magnitude less. Why rush something at this point?
  10. Capt Underpants macrumors 68030

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    Apple only 3 months away from launching iPad 3?

    I don't buy it. Like the picture above says -- 2011 is the year of iPad 2.
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    Not me - on the contrary, even. It's almost like SJ has read my previous rants against the iPad. However, I think 2560x1920 is overkill for a display that size. 2560x1920 pixels on a 7-inch-screen is 457 ppi, while 300 ppi should be enough for the so-called retina effect.
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    Won't happen. Way too many pixels for current hardware to push. The iPad 1 had significant troubles keeping up with its screen in terms of RAM usage, and this would be the same problem on an even larger scale.
  13. beebler macrumors regular

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    I've posted this before.

    My good friend in Apple R&D said they're shooting to release the iPad 3 with Retina screen alongside the next iPhone in September.

    I still question it but they said that's what they're gunning for. Not sure if it's changed since. Last info was a month or two ago.

    In case people actually are reading my post, the next redesigned MacBook Pro is aimed at the first quarter of 2012 with a big selling point being the screen. It'll also be all SSD.
  14. bananasquiddly macrumors newbie

    Mar 1, 2011
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    2560x1920 is WRONG

    I don't get why people still spread rumors like this—there won't be an iPad with a resolution that isn't exactly doubled (or quadrupled, or some other even multiple) in each direction. It's not about some arbitrary high resolution or dpi, it's about allowing for a high-res display while preserving backwards compatibility with existing apps.

    1024x768 x 2 = 2048x1536 (right!)
    2560x1920 x 2.5 = 2560x1920 (wrong!)
  15. OverSpun macrumors 6502a


    Sep 12, 2006
    Eh... I really doubt seeing the ipad 3 in the 4th quarter since the ipad2 just came out recently. If they have a little bump on the ipad2 including maybe 4G from AT&T if the iphone(4S)(5), then maybe they could do that. I'm still assuming to see the ipad 3 ~march april again.
  16. The DRis macrumors 6502

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  17. 2020digging macrumors newbie

    Jun 13, 2011
    Great! My "light bleeding" iPad2 will be ready to hand back in under warranty and they can upgrade it to the latest version. Apple, should start ensuring that their incumbent products work 100% before they bring out a newer version of the product. Churn is an important issue in this industry and it wont take much for previously devoted Apple customers to jump ship, such is the competition. Bringing out a newer, better version of the iPad when they haven't fixed the millions of faulty iPad 2's out there is certain to piss off a lot of people.
  18. ImperialX macrumors 65816


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  19. caspersoong macrumors 6502a

    Feb 27, 2011
    I wonder whether how the GPU must be improved to avoid lag on that.
  20. GoHack macrumors member

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    I would imagine that more system memory would be needed to address the higher resolution, would it not?

    My IPAD 1 has 256 mb memory, the iPAD 2 has 512 mb. So what would an iPAD 3 need for that much resolution, 1+ gb?

    I'm hoping that the iPAD 3 comes w/a least 128+ gb flash storage. I have my iPAD 1, w/its 64 gb, full, w/movies, music, and applications.

  21. Bonte macrumors 6502a


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    The only way for Apple to reduce the price of the iPad is bring a new model, then it can dump the iPad 1 and 2 to compete with Android. Apple is dominating this market and it will do everything necessary to keep that lead.
  22. sciwizam macrumors regular

    Jul 10, 2010
    There are no SoCs announced yet that can drive that resolution.
  23. jmpnop macrumors 6502a


    Aug 8, 2010

    iPad 3 in 2011 is highly unlikely.
  24. colmaclean macrumors 68000


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  25. lfc macrumors regular

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    Take it to the genius bar or your service provider. They'll replace it then and there or fix it free of charge. You have a warranty for a reason.

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