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Apr 12, 2001

For her review of the new M4 iPad Pro, The Wall Street Journal's Joanna Stern spoke with Tom Boger, Apple's vice president of iPad and Mac marketing. Stern focused on comparing the iPad Pro to a MacBook, and asked some targeted questions about the way Apple views the two devices.


According to Boger, Apple sees the iPad Pro and Mac as devices that are meant to be used alongside one another. "We don't see them as competing devices," he said. "We see them as complementary devices." While the iPad is a "touch-first device," the Mac is designed for "indirect manipulation," with a mouse or keyboard, which is a point that Apple has reiterated several times over the years.

"macOS is for a very different paradigm of computing," he went on to explain after Stern asked about the possibility of running Mac apps on the iPad or a Mac with a touch screen. Boger said that many Apple customers have both devices, and use the iPad to "extend" Mac work with Continuity.

When asked if Apple would ever change its mind on a touch screen Mac, he didn't say no. "Oh, I can't say we never change our mind," he told Stern.

Stern traded her MacBook for an iPad for her review, and said that the iPad was better for portability, touch, and 5G connectivity, a feature not available on the Mac. The Mac offered superior port options (it has more than one), better software and multitasking, longer battery life, and better multi-display support.

Stern's full review and interview with Boger can be read over at The Wall Street Journal.

Article Link: iPad Marketing VP: iPad and Mac are Complementary Devices, Not Competing Devices


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Sep 12, 2011
If you thought the crush ad was bad for Apple, their marketing VP just signed the iPad‘s death certificate.

Even if Apple is willing to change their mind, it’s the today they should be worried about.

if Apple fails to make any meaningful changes to iPadOS 18, there’s no recovery.
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May 1, 2021
Clearly not in touch with the people. Can’t wait for a new staff overhaul of Apple

No, because they are selling people an iPad AND a Mac. Double the profits for each customer for Apple. It's the only explanation as the one this person being interviewed gives is just pathetically weak and laughable.

Even so there does come a point when you think, why are you sticking an M chip in the iPads????...
And why price it higher then a Mac Studio, oh and why run an ad campaign basically advertising it as a computer. And the only computer you need.
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Mar 7, 2014
I have both and the iPad Pro has literally sat new, almost unused for the last 2 years. It literally does nothing for my uses that a Mac can’t do. I can see the iPad having some unique features but I don’t see it as a complete standalone. Honestly I wouldn’t have even bought it if given a second chance.


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Sep 15, 2013
Reads to me like they're digging their feet in on iPadOS being iPadOS.
Unpopular opinion: iPadOS has a great user interface paradigm that’s hamstrung by lack of reimagining legacy features for a touch-first environment.

This was the problem with Windows 8 as well, although given the vastness of the iPad App Store, Apple would have a much easier time resolving it.


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Mar 27, 2023
"You want a computer you can use as a full-fledged office productivity system, with easy, intuitive and (virtually) unlimited windowing and multitasking, and that you can also draw on? The answer's simple: pay through the nose for two devices! And stop complaining about needing to take two devices with you when you travel, ungrateful whiners!"

The arrogance and entitlement ("Just drop $4-10K on an iPad and an Mac and you can continuity!") would be breathtaking, were they not so typical of Apple management. Klunky, nerdy Microsoft can produce a decent tablet that does both. Apple can only make feeble excuses about abstract things like paradigms, i.e. straightjacketing users into OSes.
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