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Apr 12, 2001

Following complaints of "jelly scrolling" on the iPad mini 6 display, another issue has gained traction online that also has to do with the device's 8.3-inch Liquid Retina LCD panel.


A poster on Reddit brought attention to a discoloration and distortion issue that they were having when touching the screen with the iPad in portrait orientation.
I got my 64gb Wi-Fi iPad Mini 6 just about a week ago and noticed that there seems to be an LCD clearance issue – if you put your mini in vertical orientation (with the power button on the top right) push very lightly on the screen and you will see distortion and discoloration about an inch down and in from the top right. On most models this will happen in three spots along the top of the display (when vertical).
The Redditor claims they received a replacement from Apple, except the new device had the same problem, "but worse." While a handful of users replied to the original poster saying they were experiencing a similar issue – although for one or two, it was reportedly evident in another part of the display – most users who engaged with the post were unable to replicate it on their own device.

For what it's worth, MacRumors was unable to reproduce a similar distortion effect around the area suggested in the top-right corner of the iPad mini's screen. It is possible to create distortion where the finger makes contact anywhere on the display, but only by exerting unwarranted pressure. But then the same effect is demonstrable on any LCD panel when applying undue pressure, so we were unconvinced that what we were seeing was evidence of a mass defect with the panel in the iPad mini 6.

Users seeing a similar issue as to the one demonstrated in the above video have the option of taking their iPad mini 6 to an Apple Store or Repair Center to ask for a replacement unit.

As for the jelly scrolling issue, Apple has said that the effect is normal behavior for an LCD screen, and that likely means the company does not plan to offer replacements for users who are seeing this issue. For that reason, those unhappy with the ‌iPad mini‌'s display should make sure to return the tablet within its 14 day return window.

Article Link: iPad Mini 6 Screen Distortion Complaints Surface, But No Evidence Yet That It's a Widespread Issue
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Sep 30, 2021
You’re looking at it wrong, my guy.

For what it’s worth, let’s evaluate each iPad from this year’s lineup and decide which one actually just works.

1) iPad Pros are susceptible to bending. Halo effect on miniLED iPad Pro 12” makes it unusable in a low ambient light environment.
2) iPad Airs have a giggly Touch ID sensor that feels flimsy as hell in your hand (you’d know if you had one and had to return it)
3) iPad mini has a jelly scrolling issue

It seems like the regular iPad 9 is the only iPad this year that doesn’t have any issues.
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Feb 22, 2020
Why is it that everytime Apple introduce a new design/form factor, there are always issues.

I have a feeling whatever LCD panels Apple uses have quality issues.
Seriously? EVERY LCD ever has done this.. so don't go prodding hard on the screen!!...

I can see a new 'issue' being drum U.K. every week now with the iPad Mini.
Not like this, especially on a glass panel and distortions at a different point than the area you are pressing on.


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Dec 7, 2016
I had to return my iPad Mini 6. The Jelly Scroll was making me dizzy and giving me headaches. While I can notice the Jelly Scroll on other devices, like the iPad Air, it just doesn't effect me in the same way. No idea why.

I figure I will try again in another 6-12 months. Maybe production quality of the screens on the Mini will have improved by then.

Joseph C

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Feb 5, 2009
My mini 6 is perfect. Tried to notice the jelly scroll and can't. Owned a 2020 12.9" Pro and many other iPads dating right back to the first one which I bought in NYC when it was released.

This has been the case for pretty much every Apple product I've ever owned, and whenever there's been an issue (very rarely) Apple has always fixed it for free for me. I'm happy to be one of those people, rather than the 'unlucky' ones who seem to always have problems.


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May 1, 2021
Why is it that everytime Apple introduce a new design/form factor, there are always issues.

I have a feeling whatever LCD panels Apple uses have quality issues.

Not like this, especially on a glass panel and distortions at a different point than the area you are pressing on.

Actually yes like this.. but don't let that stop you criticising the iPad.


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Mar 10, 2013
I had exactly the same issue with a normal iPad. Returned it and it seems that it's a common issue with iPads, so I got a new one immediately which has been working fine.
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Apr 24, 2021
Not seeing the issue here, probably a bad batch

Mini 6 looking rough though..
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Apr 9, 2010
where hip is spoken
I’m not saying they did, but it looks like Apple completely cheaped out on the display with all of the issues the mini is having.
It certainly seems like they did. People were clamoring for the Air/Pro-like design to come to the Mini. I warned them that Apple would have to significantly increase the price by at least $100 (and possibly as much as $200). The $100 increase got the basement-level treatment. The full high quality approach would've been a $200 increase but then only a fraction of those buying at the $100 increase would've sprung for the Mini.

The Mini has traditionally "felt" more expensive than it should be... but for those of us who are fans of the Mini (Mini 5 is the end of the line for me) the best and true way to discover the value is to actually use it.

Just how many of those complaining about the current Mini 6 would be willing to pay $599 for a base Mini 6 that didn't have jelly scrolling, ProMotion, FaceID, and higher quality screen?


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Nov 23, 2017
The original also Mini 6 I received on launch day had this issue prominently, and I sent it back and managed to purchase again elsewhere.

The second unit was much worse, not only with the ripples (with only light touch) but it also made an audible “popping“ and creaking sounds when the screen was interacted with. It was as though the screen had not been glued down properly. So I had to return it.

I then managed to get a Mini from Amazon. This one doesn’t make any sounds when I interact with the display (thankfully) but has the same rippling issues with light touch as described in the article - mainly on the top half of the display in portrait. It’s not noticable when using a finger, but can be very noticable when any kind of pressure is applied with the Apple Pencil. I’m holding onto this one as I‘ve had enough playing the return lottery, I’ll wait and see what Apple do / say about this, if they do.

Yes, all LCD displays can ripple when force is applied (including my 12.9 pro) but on the new mini it seems to do this in certain areas of the display when very minimal pressure is applied.


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Aug 15, 2011
I'd like to see more than just anecdotal evidence of a problem before making any conclusions. While we're waiting for that, every one of us can choose to delay their purchase until more is known about the extent of these issues, or they can choose to buy the product and evaluate it carefully before the return window closes.

I've used my Mini 6 a lot since it was delivered nearly two weeks ago. I've been pretty happy with the display. I can see jelly scrolling, but it is mild and I don't notice it unless I'm trying to see it. It doesn't happen at all in the vast majority of my use-cases, like gaming, watching movies, taking notes on the go, and reading ebooks. I also do not have the issue reported in this article.

Tons of people have weighed in on this and other discussion items in the Macrumors forums and elsewhere. The people writing these comments fall into one of three groups:

First, people who have a Mini 6 and are unhappy with the display; they are not wrong and they should absolutely return their device. All of us are still within the window for initiating a return.

Second, people like me who have a Mini 6 who are happy with the device.

And third, people who are dumping on the Mini 6 just based on these reports, without even having seen the device in person. Jumping on the Apple-bashing bandwagon. This group isn't helping anyone.
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Feb 22, 2020
Actually yes like this.. but don't let that stop you criticising the iPad.
You sure? If you press on an LCD screen, does the distortion happen on a completely different and constant place? Usually it occurs at the place you press, not at a different place. I mean you can try it on your TV or monitor.

But I guess a potential hardware defect is acceptable for you? Your standard must be quite low.
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