iPad mini iPad mini reviews: screen leaves something to be desired

Discussion in 'iPad' started by 53x12, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. 53x12 macrumors 68000


    Feb 16, 2009
    The screen might be the most important aspect for me as that is some tangible that you interact with and use every time you pick up the iPad. Poor screen quality can result in a less than ideal experience. It is all about the experience anyways, right?

    If we are honest with ourselves, the iPad mini should have come with the retina display from the beginning. But as we know, this opens it up for Apple to throw in the retina display next year.

    A few reviews are even mentioning the screen of the iPad mini being it's biggest negative spec.

    Is the screen a deal breaker? Guess each of us will have to make that decision our selves after some use. But a small device that you will hold 6-8in from your face, those little pixels could very well be a deal breaker. YMMV.
  2. monaarts macrumors 65816

    Jan 16, 2010
    Kennesaw, GA
    Considering all of these reviews gave it great scores overall and just made a comment on the scren, I would say no. :rolleyes: Most reviews I am reading actually mention that the iPad mini is the best iPad yet, overall.
  3. dmelgar macrumors 68000

    Apr 29, 2005
    Which is why I'm amazed at the BGR headline that proclaims all the reviews say the screen is awful whie overlooking that the reviews say its an amazing device. So much for being a paid shill as fandroids will say.
  4. Peanut207 macrumors 6502


    Mar 2, 2010
    Which is why I'm also holding onto my iPad 3. If the difference is that noticeable or bothers me in the slightest I will just return it and wait for the mini with Retina that will most likely be included in the next version. No biggie.
  5. jedolley macrumors 68000

    Sep 18, 2009
    The screen was never a deal breaker for the iPad 1 or 2, so I don't see why it would be here.
  6. 53x12 thread starter macrumors 68000


    Feb 16, 2009

    For many going to the iPad mini, they are coming from an iPhone4/4S/5 and/or iPad3 and/or MBP RD. Those that spend a lot of time reading emails, books, magazine, journal articles...etc. on the iPad mini might have an issue with the blurry/fuzzy/less that optimal/less than perfect screen.

    Apple is all about designing and selling the best product bar none. Not sure sure they hit the mark on the screen. After all, the screen is what you are interact with the whole time. YMMV.

    The issue is that Apple has now set the standard with the iPhone4/4S/5 and/or iPad3 and/or MBP RD. That is what people are use to. When iPad 1 came out there was no RD. With iPad 2, there was no RD except for the iPhone 4. The iPad2 represented the best screen in a tablet at the time.
  7. monaarts macrumors 65816

    Jan 16, 2010
    Kennesaw, GA
    BGR: "...but the screen is “terrible” compared to Apple’s Retina displays, but not that bad for those coming from an iPad 2 or the original model."

    I read this think "...but the mercedes S500 is "terrible" compared to Lambourghini's Gollardo, but not bad for thise coming from a Honda or Toyota"

  8. darngooddesign macrumors G3

    Jul 4, 2007
    Atlanta, GA
    It really is subjective, but I have never held my iPad 2 6-8 inches from my face. Using a piece of paper (8 1/2" x 11"), the minimum distance I hold my iPhone is 9" and the minimunm I hold my ipad is 14". Now that's the minimum, usually I hold my iPhone and iPad 12" and 18" respectively.
  9. advan031 macrumors 6502

    Aug 16, 2008
    When I moved from the iPad 2 to iPad 3 while I noticed the difference in ppi, I would have been fine with the iPad 2 screen. Who cares about HD video on such a small device? It's not a 50" HD tv we're talking about here.
  10. jedolley macrumors 68000

    Sep 18, 2009
    I get that. However, a lot of the reviewers have also commented that it's still a beautiful display, even better than the iPad 2. I get that most a lot of us are spoiled by Retina displays, but being non-retina doesn't automatically make it ugly, unbearable, or even unusable. When the iPad 3 was released the iPad 2 stayed around because it was (still is) a great device. The mini probably should be cheaper, but being non-retina will not make it a bad device.
  11. drew0020 macrumors 68000


    Nov 10, 2006
    I thought the iPad 2 screen was terrible. The pixels were clearly obvious to me during almost all my usage. After reading the mini reviews I expect the same results unfortunately. Luckily for some people on here they can't tell a difference but for me it sounds like I'm waiting till next year for a mini.
  12. Yr Blues macrumors 68020

    Jan 14, 2008
    not plunking $329+ on something that apple should have pushed out with retina

    i'll wait
  13. darngooddesign macrumors G3

    Jul 4, 2007
    Atlanta, GA
    Or they can tell but it doesn't bother them.
  14. rockyroad55 macrumors 601


    Jul 14, 2010
    Phila, PA
    Exactly, it's so portable yet it has the power of an iPad. That's the selling point and that's making me think about getting rid of my iPad 3 for it.
  15. 53x12 thread starter macrumors 68000


    Feb 16, 2009
    So we care about HD video/RD on an iPhone 4/4S/5 and even an iPad 3, but yet we don't care about it on an iPad mini? So which is it, we do care about RD or we don't?

    There are many that care about the quality of the screen. Those that might use the iPad to show pictures, video clips, watch movies, read books...etc. Apple has been telling us RD is important, right?
  16. MicroByte macrumors 6502

    Jul 10, 2008
    I wondered about how the smaller screen size would compare to an iPad 2 given that it's the same resolution, but smaller. It would seem to me that when you shrink a screen down, the pixels would be packed a little tighter so the image would be a little cleaner. I know it's not Retina, but I would think the screen would be better than an iPad 2.
  17. ZBoater macrumors G3


    Jul 2, 2007
    Sunny Florida
    Oh please. Did the iPad 2 have "poor screen quality" when it was released? It was magical for crying out loud!!! :rolleyes:

    The Mini will be an increase in screen quality while reducing size and maintaining resolution, cutting weight in HALF, with better cameras. If the iPad 2 was magical, the Mini is freaking revolutionary.... :apple:
  18. iproductsuser macrumors 6502a

    Apr 13, 2012
    Yes it is a 100% deal breaker for me. This is the sole reason I am not selling my iPad 3 for the mini model. Sorry apple, you lost on this one for not including retina as you've pushed on everything else (for the most part).
  19. Shaddow825 macrumors 6502

    Mar 13, 2006
    Cherry picking quotes. Noone seemed to mention that most of the reviews that said the screen was a problem either said or strongly implied that this was a better ipad then the retina for all the other attributes and that they were or were going to be using it more than the other ipads.
  20. jedolley macrumors 68000

    Sep 18, 2009
    I didn't say it wasn't important. It's obviously better, but the lack of it does not make the iPad mini a "bad" device. If it's really that important to you or anyone else, you have the choice to get the iPad 4. I just don't think it will be a "deal killer" for most.
  21. clyde2801 macrumors 601


    Mar 6, 2008
    In the land of no hills and red dirt.
    Bet you the mini next year will somehow manage to have a better screen and more ram.

    I don't want to sound like a hater or a member of the tinfoil hat brigade, but I think you can make a good argument that Apple parcels out features and hardware to gently encourage people into the yearly bi-yearly upgrade path.
  22. N0ddie macrumors 6502


    Oct 23, 2011
    Surely those of us that only have an iPad 2 aint gonna notice any difference in the screen quality?

    Think it'll only be an issue if you've been Retina'd?
  23. AttilaTheHun macrumors 65816


    Feb 18, 2010
    I will see it for myself, I ordered the ipad 4 and the mini,
    never bought an ipad b4,
    my wife has the ipad 2 and she is useing it alot,she hardly opens her laptop,
    so I will get one for myself too the mini is good for being portable you can tack it any where you go (you know)
    I saw the ipad 3 and fined out that some time it too slow, thats the reson Apple updated the processor and the graphic,
    so let see if it a reson for me to have this toys or keep useing the MBP 17"
  24. 53x12 thread starter macrumors 68000


    Feb 16, 2009
    Of course it is cherry picking. The whole point of this thread was to look at what reviewers are saying about the screen. Don't like what they say? Fine. But the issue still stands that the screen might leave something to be desired. This thread is not about the rest of the iPad mini. There are other threads for that. This is strictly looking at the screen quality.

    iPad mini 163ppi vs. iPad 2 132ppi so yes a slight improvement (a little over 20% improvement in ppi).
  25. zhenya macrumors 603


    Jan 6, 2005
    From The Verge:


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