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Discussion in 'iPad' started by Mathias Denichi, Apr 11, 2017.

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    Mathias Denichi

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    I have avoided purchasing the Smart Keyboard to keep my iPad Pro 9.7 a tablet device, but I can understand a few cases where it would be greatly appreciated when I don't have my 13" MBP with me. Here are my questions for those who currently use it:

    • Does the Keyboard flop around in tablet mode, or does it magnetically stick to the back like the Smart Cover does?
    • Has any one gotten any rust near the Smart connectors where it magnetically attaches? Happen to 3 of my 12.9 replacements.
    • How strong is the magnetic attachment to the iPad spine?
    • Does it add significant weight to the IPad? The 12.9 one added a little over a pound.
    • Are you glad you purchased the Smart Keyboard for your iPad Pro 9.7in, or do you end up taking it off in tablet mode?
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    I've used both the 9.7 and 12.9, so can totally understand where you're coming from on the 12.9 with smart keyboard cover.

    1) Keyboard cover sticks quite well to the back when you wrap it around like a smart cover.
    2) I've had mine for over a year. No rush. That's strange to hear!
    3) Magnetic attachment is quite strong.
    4) I would say no - At first I was going to purchase the smart keyboard cover and a smart cover, but the smart keyboard cover felt so close to just being a smart cover I keep it with the iPad 100% of the time. Feels excellent.
    5) Honestly, the keyboard cover is one of my favourite Apple purchases in 2016. I love it. I treat it like a smart cover (use it to cover the screen when carrying iPad around, propping it up on a table, pulling it off in a split second to hold the iPad as a tablet with nothing on it) and best of all in 2 seconds you can maneuver it into keyboard mode when needing to quickly type out something long.

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