iPad Thief Caught By iCloud Photo


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Dec 19, 2013
haha the face not even a mother could love. they say he is of some intelligence. what a butthole. Stealing from other hardworking people so u can take pics of urself on ur couch. loser


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Dec 7, 2010
Funny that, because I tried to submit something on youtube as evidence and the police wouldn't accept it as it was on the internet.

They've said the same when a freind was tracking his stolen imac using prey..... instead he organised a mob to go and get it back.:D


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Nov 25, 2005
Foolish man. What a way to end his career.
Apparently his career is committing burglaries. Getting caught by taking your own photo which then got uploaded to the iPad owner's iCloud account is surely a good hint that you should put an end to that career :D


Sep 25, 2009
good to read he's 'not going to involve himself in this sort of behaviour again and is going to focus on his family and resolves to be free of drugs'

lawyers :rolleyes:


Jan 2, 2009
The Evildrome Boozerama
A friend of mine took his iPad mini with him on a trip to Great Britain. He either left it on a train or it was stolen...he's not entirely sure. He activated the FindMyiPhone app but to no avail -- he had to replace the device.

A month or so later, back home in the U.S. he gets an email from a guy in Albania. Yeah. "Could you please unlock this iPad mini for me?" Long story short, he wouldn't send it back, but he would pay to unlock it. Needless to say, my friend to Mr. Albania to pound sand.

Two weeks later, the plot thickened. A female Bulgarian student, at the University of Palermo in Italy no less, apparently bought the iPad Mini from Mr. Bulgaria. Now she wants to have it unlocked.

As I told my friend, "Makes you long for the Cold War, doesn't it? 'In Soviet Russia, you do not steal iPad...iPad steals you.'" Got lost/stolen in Britain, made its way to Albania, then to Bulgaria and now it's in Italy. Sumbitch is on a world tour!
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