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Oct 6, 2021
Is it possible to use a Logitech webcam with an iPad ?
I know that an adapter is required lighting to USB.
The purpose is not for video calls. But rather as a larger display of a weight scale.
Pointing the webcam at the beam of the scale would make it easier to view = magnification.
I know that it is possible with a MBA M1 with Photo Booth for example.


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Aug 19, 2020
There are adapters which allow for the use of UVC-devices like certain webcams with iPads, e.g. this.

The cheaper option might be to use a DSLR or mirrorless camera - if available - and tether it via cable or WLAN with an iPad. Usually the camera manufacturers offer an app for that - historically this was a function for the top camera model lines, but nowadays this is available in several entry level cameras - or GoPros (talking GoPros: you can even tether multiple Gopros via USB).

Additionally there are lots of cheap "action" cameras which come often with some app which allows to connect and controll them via bluetooth/wireless from an iPad.

Or you might use the camera of an Android mobile phone remotely from your iPad, you can do that using e.g. Airdroid Personal.

Similar you can use Microsoft’s RDP to control a webcam connected to a computer running Windows.

DiSCLAIMER: other (platform) products providing similar functionality are available. Please refer to your preferred search engine or digital assistant. 🤓


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Jul 2, 2017
I feel your pain OP. Why in the world can you not simply plug a webcam into an iPad and it just work. Like every other usb capable device. I can plug in my Logitech webcam via usb c adapter and use the webcam's microphone but heaven forbid we could use the camera. It makes no sense.


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Sep 20, 2016
Works with HDMI capture cards too!

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