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Apr 12, 2001

The iPhone 14 Max is currently behind schedule by around three weeks, according to Haitong International Securities analyst Jeff Pu.


Yesterday, Nikkei Asia reported that at least one iPhone 14 model was three weeks behind schedule due to the impact of lockdowns on Apple's supply chains in China, but it was not clear which iPhone 14 model this related to. Now, Pu has clarified that the model in question is the iPhone 14 Max, Apple's upcoming iPhone that is expected to bring a larger, 6.7-inch display size to its non-Pro line of smartphones.

Pu explained that the delay for the iPhone 14 Max has specifically been caused by Pegatron stopping production during Shanghai's latest lockdown. The iPhone 14 Max is not expected to enter mass production until late August, likely just weeks before the new iPhone lineup is unveiled at a September Apple event.

Currently, all four ‌iPhone 14‌ models are believed to be in the engineering verification test (EVT) phase of development, according to Nikkei's sources. Normally, all new ‌iPhone‌ models complete the EVT and move on to the verification stage by the end of June. Following the development phase of new iPhones, Apple's main assemblers, Foxconn and Pegatron, enter a phase known as new product introduction (NPI) during which the manufacturing process is sketched out for the latest designs. NPI is followed by several final verification processes before mass production begins.

The iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max are still on schedule to reach mass production in early August, weeks ahead of the iPhone 14 Max, according to Pu. It is unclear whether the delay will translate to the iPhone 14 Max shipping later than the other iPhone 14 models, or simply being in short supply upon launch. Nikkei's sources suggested that the timeframe is still dependent on how much the iPhone 14 Max's development process can be accelerated.

Apple reportedly told suppliers to speed up product development efforts to make up for the lost time before the delay affects the typical manufacturing schedule, which could impact initial production volumes of the ‌iPhone 14‌ lineup more broadly. Similarly, it emerged earlier this month that Apple told Foxconn to start recruiting workers to assemble iPhone 14 models earlier than usual amid fears that China's lockdowns could lead to short supply or delays later in the year.

Update: After this article was published, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claimed that Apple has not changed the shipping plan for the iPhone 14 models in spite of lockdowns in China. He reiterated that the iPhone 14 Max is indeed behind schedule, but the situation is reportedly under control and suppliers are able to work overtime to catch up. He believes that the iPhone 14 lineup's challenges "will come from the demand side rather than the supply side."

Article Link: iPhone 14 Max Reportedly Weeks Behind Schedule [Updated]
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As long it is not the iPhone 14 Pro Max model. It's all good. iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max should everyone be eyeing for :)

My guess would be iPhone 14 Max will be available at launch but it will be very limited supply. :)

Apple: Please move your assembly plants out from China. That's my million dollar suggestion for you.


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Apr 7, 2022
Diversify your manufacturing locations and suppliers Apple, to protect supply chain issues. Supply Chain Economics 101.
Which display driver supplier that is not affected by supply constraints should Apple use?

Now go down the list of suppliers and let us know the ones that aren’t affected by an international shortage of legacy chips, and send the list to Apple so they can benefit from your deep insight.


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Feb 23, 2010
Lagrange Point
Let's skip a year of the same incremental updates and just work on iOS instead.
It's not like skipping new hardware would make the software any better. They are created by different teams. Hardware designers are not qualified to write software. Coders are worthless when it comes to designing new hardware.
Diversify your manufacturing locations and suppliers Apple, to protect supply chain issues. Supply Chain Economics 101.
Apple has been doing that for years, but there are only so many places with people that have the skill to assemble phones and to do so quickly and without defect. On top of that, it takes years and shiploads of money to bring a new assembly factory online. Those factories need to be close to where the chips, the screens, the batteries and all the other parts are manufactured.


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Feb 21, 2011
Who knows what this really means. They might be behind schedule of what Apple wants, but it doesn’t mean a slip in initial release dates
All they have to do is minus one of the stove burners at the back of the iPhone 14 Pro Max and problem solved! 😄
Uhhh... no. They should not be messing with the iPhone 14 Pro Max models. That won't be cost effective for Apple. Remember iPhone 14 Max will be a cheaper model for the consumers.
Since the pandemic? Sure. Before the pandemic? I only recall the X being delayed.
iPhone 12 Pro Max was horribly delayed. It was not fun waiting for the Pro Max model. Hopefully, all this will not happen again. I'm sure Apple lost alot of money because of that reason.



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Jun 27, 2007
Hah I thought it was probably this one when the story came out yesterday. It's the only "new" one. They should've just kept the Mini...
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