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Nov 7, 2010
I was thinking for those getting deep purple color… are you planning to get a case that is clear to show the purple? Or a black case to complement the color? Or a white case? (even though camera bump is purple) or do you plan to get a purple case for it?


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Jun 29, 2010
Orlando, FL
The last three or 4 years I’ve just used a screen protector and that’s it. Zero cases. I just have myself programmed to keep my phone in my right pocket and nothing else. keys always in the left pocket with all my other junk.

I’ve dropped my 13 promax probably four times in the last year and only ended up with one scratch on the bezel. I can live with that.

I like to use the MagSafe wallet, also. Doesn’t stick on their as as I wish it would, but it keeps me from having to carry a wallet.

Went for the iPhone Pro I purple this go round.

Had the blue 13 Max this past year.


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Jun 18, 2012
Milan, Italy
I had the same doubt... went for ink, since the purple has also some blueish tint in it... to me it's fine since my wallet and small coin purse are also blue... so it's a kind of mix of blue/purple tints.

Not ideal, but I wouldn't want to go with another color, and I love Apple leather case (aside from durability issues...)
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Oct 21, 2020
I ordered the leather case in tint, but no sure if I will like the color...

Additionally I also ordered some clear cases. I want to see the lovely color from time to time. :)
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Sir Ruben

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Jul 3, 2010
I contemplated going for the official clear apple case but I’m not keen on the white MagSafe circle and line on the back. For now I’ve ordered the leather ink case, but will continue to hunt for the best clear case I can find.


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Oct 16, 2015
I’ve always gotten a clear case for all my iPhones and this year my Deep Purple 14 Pro Max will look better than my current 13 Pro Max in Sierra Blue in my opinion.

The mid cycle release of The green Hue was disappointing to me because I would have chose that color during last years launch.

Just glad my Deep Purple 14 Pro Max 512 GB is on its way


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Sep 18, 2014
I couldn’t decide so I ordered 2 - I didn’t want just a plain clear case- but still wanted to see the purple phone
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Aug 7, 2011
Columbus, OH
I always get several cases because I like to switch them up every few days to a week or so to keep things fresh. First case I ordered was the Ringke Fusion Matte, which I've owned for my Pixel 6 and my 12 Pro (Pacific Blue). Minimal but with decent protection, doesn't fingerprint or scratch as much as most polycarb back cases and looks really nice, and will show the color nicely without looking cheap. Also got a Spigen Rugged Armor (which is another standard one that I almost always get). Will almost certainly get a leather case at some point too. I have a BullStrap case for my 12 Pro, which is really nice, but I got it half price...I don't know if I want to spend $80 on a case...that's quite steep. Might get the Nomad leather instead, but not sure yet.


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Nov 5, 2008
The Spigen Crystal Hybrid, have one coming from Amazon!
Similarly for my deep purple 14P I ordered a Spigen Ultra Hybrid - clear back with Matte Black edges

On all my previous iPhones I’ve had a PowerSupport Air Jacket, clear/matte - very thin and lightweight yet durable. I really like those cases. But for some reason the past couple years they’ve been slow coming out with versions for the newest models - they don’t have any cases listed yet for the 14, otherwise I’d get one of those


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Oct 28, 2009
I got a cheap spigen one from amazon with glitter - not magsafe, got it just so i had something for arrival day. I went for the otterbox figura one on the apple website in the black inky style for after ward - it just won't arrive with the phone, which is a bummer. Also always do a spigen glass screen protector because i am a bonafide clutz. I also got a whole magsafe fast charging system for my car which I'm excited about. it's been a long time since I've had a mount in my car.
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Sep 12, 2022
Spigen ultra hybrid MagSafe compatible in graphite. Not a fan of white ring, but wanna be able to see the pretty purple + I have a MagSafe wallet in wisteria. I’d love to have it case less but my husband won’t let me cuz he’s seen me drop my phone 🥹


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Sep 16, 2020


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Apr 23, 2015
I'm planning on getting mine in a few weeks (I want to see the actual color & cases in well as waiting on the first few weeks on people having them in the wild, lol)

But I plan is to get the Elderberry silicone case, it looks like it matches well with the deep purple.


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Sep 14, 2014
I like using a wallet folio case but I have not seen anything that I like yet. Maybe in a month or so, more cases will be available. For my temporary case, I ordered two types: (1) wallet with detachable magnetic case (2) Casekoo magnetic clear case. What I want to do is use the Casekoo clear case and hopefully it will fit in the wallet case. Not sure if it will work, but this is meant to be a temporary solution. I normally don't like clear cases because I find them to be smudgy and dirt always gets inside somehow. But I got a purple color and I would like to see it 😁
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Sep 11, 2014
I got a Ringke Fusion clear case. That’s what’s on my SE3 and I like it but it’s getting a bit yellowed after a few months under the sunshine.

I’m getting Spigen Optik Armor in black. That’s currently unavailable on Amazon but I’m supposed to get it at the end of the month. We will see what happens with that order. This case has a sliding door over the camera. I have this case for my S22 Ultra to protect the lenses when the phone is in purse and backpack pockets.

I got a deep blue Spigen silicone case for the times when I want the phone to go better with other colors in my wardrobe. Similarly at some point I’ll add other silicone cases in different colors. I went with Spigen rather than Apple silicone cases because I had points accumulated from my Amazon credit card so these cases were free.

I got a clear case covered in ghosts from Velvet Caviar for Halloween. I have had this case for my 12 Pro Max and my 13 Pro and it’s cute and funny. I think the ghosts will look spectacular against the dark purple this year.

I actually kept it on year round for my 13 Pro.

There are some amazing looking cases on Etsy but I’m not putting too much money into cases until I can be sure I can use this phone without getting migraines.
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