iPhone 4 Power Support USA Front Screen Protector + Mini-Review (HQ Pics)

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    New Info on using Screen Protector with White Backplate

    Opinion on putting on screen protector for white iPhone 4 - Quick Summary: WAY harder than black iphone 4

    I just picked up a white OEM casing from iResq and the back did come with the diffuser in place and all the EMI shielding and gaskets seem much more similar than the ebay ones, if you take a look, they do not have any lining/gaskets for the areas that the back plate is directly facing the pcb.

    I wanted to respond to putting on the rear screen protector for the white door. HOLY CRAP, was it difficult, I felt that I was going in blind, if anyone has put the clear on white, it is impossible to see on the glass rear door. I have no clue how hard it will be when I put on the front white digitizer for my wife.

    If you thought black was hard to get perfect, you are going to find that putting the screen protector on the white to be at least twice as hard, since it's glass and you have very little angle to shine a light to be able to line up the clear screen protector with the border of the glass.

    Update 2:

    I added some pictures of the front anti-glare HD with an example of the new installation feature slits which i explained in my original post below. I also added a picture of what the rear crystal clear cutout for the camera and flash looks like.

    Update 1 after 15 hrs of use:

    The crystal clear does attract fingerprints probably much more than the antiglare (as an educated guess), but when you actually use the phone, you can barely see the finger prints it attracts.

    On hindsight, the new convenience installation feature may not really be a feature after all. Thinking about my installation, it allows me to line things up much better and more easily, but I did spend more time than I normally do to put the screen protector on. Also, during installation, if you stick on a small section and than lift off again to re-align, you do attract some dust, so having scotch tape aside to take those dust parts off is probably necessary.

    So far, no lifting of the screen with the white bumper, I may have to try out the black bumper after another 24 hours of use to get a better reading of how well the screen stays put when using the apple bumpers.

    I will post pictures later on the condition of the screen after general use.

    ******** Original Post Below ********

    Hey All,

    I just thought it would be easier to start a new thread to make it easier for those who are debating about screen covers to take a look at the Power Support USA Screen Cover Set that I just picked up today from their Burbank Storefront.

    Basically, the quality is the high quality that you expect out of PowerSupport Screen Covers. To clear up some confusion as where these are made, their screen covers are all made in Japan and are, in my opinion, one of the top companies in making quality screen covers.


    The set that I got was $24.95+tax (not cheap, but worth it) for:

    1 x crystal clear screen protector

    1 x anti-glare HD front screen protector (* i asked about the HD connotation, they told me that because of the way the retina display is made up, this anti-glare is different than their previous and if you installed their other anti-glare from other phone models, you would see grainyness)

    1 x crystal clear rear screen protector

    2 x pre-installation film (this is basically just the exact same cut out for the screen protector and works just like if you had scotch clear tape, which is used to pick up dust)


    For those who are use to installing their films, they had added a new convenient way to help line up the protector (new installation feature), basically, instead of removing the entire sheet that the screen protector is stuck to, the rear backing is actually split into three section, so you can actually tear off the center section first, align the top and bottom parts and apply the middle section first. Then holding the middle section, you can pull off the top and then the bottom still keeping the alignment you had at the beginning.

    Tips to Installation
    (I'm sure there are other great ways from other members, but this is what I did to make it look like the photos i took)

    - When i installed it, I ripped off the middle section part, then i held onto the edges of the outer backing that has not yet been removed. I tried to align first the front camera and speaker and then simultaneously looking at the home button before pressing down on the middle section and letting it cling.

    - If you have problems, just lift up the exposed mid section and try again, it takes a little bit to align it right, just depends on how anal you are.

    - If you do align the home button and camera and speaker the outside should align itself.

    - Once the three key sections are aligned and the mid section is static clung to the screen, hold onto the mid section that is already clung onto the screen and rip off the other sections and you should be complete.

    - If you get dust under the protector, just use a small section of scotch tape and sticky it to the section to remove the dust. Simple as that!

    Installation: Moderately Easy To Install

    The protector is perfectly cut and there is almost no reduction in quality of the beautiful retina display.

    The actual screen protector material is hard and it feels just like the protector is not there except for a very very slight resistance (this resistance I'm talking about is no where near the invisible shield or bestskinsever type of resistance, similar feelings to if i was just touching the retina display glass. I have to say that I was using a 3GS screen protector by screen devil (from amazon.com) and there was much more friction/resistance unlike the retina screen glass from factory.

    There is no noticeable degrade in quality. My wife has the bestskinsever screen protector and you can kinda tell that there is a screen protector there. With the powersupport, it is not noticeable until you look at the earpiece area and button on the front.

    I didn't install the rear, but there is a cutout for the rear camera and flash.

    I would highly recommend this screen protector because of the comments I've made above!

    If you have any questions or any more pictures that may help in your decision let me know! Comments good and bad are welcome!

    Here are a few pictures for you guys to take a look.

    Enjoy and Thanks for Reading!






    Rear Back Protector:


    Antiglare HD Front (w/ new installation feature):



    Wallpaper Link Used, including the one seen in these photos. Link Me to Wallpaper
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    Jan 20, 2010
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    Thanks for the great photos! Did you install the clear or the anti-glare screen?
  4. psywzrd macrumors 68030

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    Excellent post! Thank you! I noticed that you have a bumper on but I don't know if you have anything on the back. Is the bumper causing the PS to bubble at all? If you have something on the back, is that bubbling?
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    This is the crystal clear screen. I didn't want to install the other ones unless I wanted to use it.
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    OP, do you know how it compares to SGP? I have the ultra clear.
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    Yes I believe this is the big question, I want the anti-glare because I really hate fingerprints, but I also don't want to have that grainy effect.
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    I've read elsewhere that putting bumpers and other cases have made these things bubble.

    Before I installed the power support one, I was using my phonedevil 3GS protector and the Speck Products pixelskin HD made it bubble.

    But...on the rear I installed the updated bestskinsever and used the pixelskin for 5 days and there were no issues whatever with the back, I was surprised because I know that others said there were issues with cases and rear clear protectors.
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    I saw the anti-glare in-store, this is a new anti-glare hence the "HD" connotation, so there shouldn't be a grainy effect. I can't say 100% for sure, but when i looked at the demo they had there, it looked fine with no problems.
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    Sorry a little off topic but those are some awesome, detailed pics!! What kind of camera do you use?

    Also, Do you think you will have a problem with the bumper affecting the edges of the screen protector in the future? You know, peeling up??
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    So now you have the PS on the front and you still have bse on the back, right? Any issues with bubbling on either side? I have SGP on the front right now and bodyguardz on the back but I'm thinking about getting PS for the front (don't need it on the back and not sure about anti-glare vs crystal either). I've always used PS anti-glare in the past but this new display is so good that I'm not sure I want to ruin it by slapping an anti-glare on top of it.
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    No sorry, but I have heard that the SGP protectors are considered one of the better ones, a true competitor of powersupport. I only have their iPad screen protector and I was satisfied with the iPad version, so the SGP shouldn't be any worse than the powersupport. I was decided to get the SGP Oleophobic screen protector but I instead just waiting for the powersupport to be available. I've used the powersupport brand ever since the iPhone 2G in 2007 and was complete satisfied since it would scratch less than other brands and seems to hold up well to the times. I've had these screen protectors and rarely do I change it unless there is a HUGE scratch on it which does not happen at all, just one time two years ago.

    If I were you, I'd just continue to use the SGP if you are satisfied with it, no need to spend more money if you have a fully functioning good screen protector.
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    Looking good. I was planning to use PS also, but their new prices are just too much this time around. It doesn't help that we have to pay for shipping also now that they're not available at the Apple store. Hooray for disposable 80 cent ones from ebay :p
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    Palo Alto, CA
    Great. I just placed my order today and hopefully will get it soon.

    I had them on my old 3G and was happy enough that I bought them for my iPad. Because they weren't available sooner, I went with the Zagg Invisishield for my 4 but haven't been too pleased with it due to snap cases pulling it up as well as a wallet completely ripping the rear skin off.

    Once my PS arrives, Zagg comes off.
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    Thanks for the compliments.

    For these sets of pictures, I was using my Nikon D3 with Nikkor 105/2.8 VR macro lens.

    I'll let you guys know after using the screen protector for a few days if it will peel. So far, for the past few hours no peeling. I feel that certain cases make screen protectors peel more easily, so I guess it's a trade off. So far the apple bumper doesn't mess with the screen protector, crossing my fingers.

    I will report back after a few days.
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    I'm sure the anti-glare has been improved but I would imagine that there has to be a difference in clarity between the anti-glare and the crystal. Otherwise, why would anyone buy the crystal, right:p?

    I'm wondering if the fact that your bumper is white is going to help you in the peeling department. From what I hear the black bumper is the most rubbery of the bumper colors (I have black) so it probably causes the most friction with screen protectors. If the white bumper is more plastic than rubber, you probably won't have the peeling issue (at least I hope you don't). I do like the white but not enough to get one if I could even find one at this point. I guess I'll wait to see how some other people do with their black bumpers and the PS screen protectors.

    On another note, that looks like a damn good install you did there:D. I don't know if you're just good at it or if that new installation feature is just that good (or a little bit of both;)), but it looks pretty much dead-on. Nice job with that and the great pics!
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    This might be a hard question to phrase:
    In previous PS installations, you could apply one part (like to the top of the screen), and then use a card to push on the screen to make the protective film on the "sticky" side come off as you push the card down the screen to apply it.

    Sorry if that sounds confusing! Does this new installation of having separate pieces prevent this from happening? Do you physically have to remove the parts, or can applying a card on the top make them all come off?
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    That looks fantastic.

    Anyone know where Canadians can get Power Support protectors? Their site quotes me a $20.50 shipping! :(

    I'll settle for SGP if there isn't any place else I can get PS.
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    London (Ealing) UK
    I might order a few of the sets with UPS Worldwide Express shipping to the UK. If anyone is interested in buying a set, please send me a PM. That way we can share the horrible shipping costs of $80.

    Like, for example, if I order 8 of them, and instead of giving them to interested people for $25 (16 GBP), I would charge $35 (23 GBP).

    Hard to explain what I mean, but you should get the idea.
    Basically I would need 7 peeps from the UK. I will pay for all of them in advance and ship them with Royal Mail once in UK.
    Just pay me with bank transfer or PayPal once they arrived at your home.
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    Are they selling these in the Apple stores yet or is everyone getting them online?

    If online how long is shipping taking?

    ALSO: How good does this fit with the bumper on it? Is there any worry bout the bumper bubbling the sides on the front or back film?
  21. Branskins macrumors 65816

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    I don't think Apple will be selling them anymore =/
  22. falconman515 macrumors 6502a


    Jun 8, 2010
    Why Not?
  23. bpmou macrumors newbie

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    This post changed my mind from the SGB Oleo, thanks!
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    Jun 3, 2010
    Can you post up you wallpapers please! Thanks
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