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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ks-man, Aug 24, 2011.

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    The more I think about it the more surprised I would be if the new iPhone didn't support 4G. If it doesn't, I don't really see anything compelling about a new iPhone. Even if it did come with a new form factor that really doesn't seem like anything major. Most people like the iPhone 4 look and feel and you just don't hear complaining about antenna issues anymore.

    iPhone 5 potential features other than 4G:
    Better processor/more ram - iPhone 4 is plenty fast for current software
    8MP camera - Current iPhone camera is far better than most phone cameras on the market in quality of picutres (and videos)
    Better battery - iPhone 4 battery is the industry standard for a smartphone
    More storage - 80% of iPhone users have adequate storage in iPhone 4 (I completely made up this number from my very unscientific results in speaking to a few friends and reading the message boards)

    I'm not saying that any of those features aren't possible, but just don't seem major enough for an Apple style marketing push to base the phone around. Look at the history:

    iPhone - Revolution in the making
    iPhone 3G - 3G data speeds
    iPhone 3GS - Far better speed for running software
    iPhone 4 - Retina Display

    Without 4G I don't see what the major wow factor of an iPhone 5 is. I just can't see the banners saying "iPhone 5 - A slightly better all around phone while you wait for the iPhone 6 and 4G"

    As to it being the first iPhone on the 4 major networks, while that is true for the US, the iPhone is becoming a Global device so that doesn't hold up well internationally.

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    We'll just have to wait and see. Once the phone is revealed, I think the forum discussions are going to be more promising.
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    iPhone 5 will very likely include HSPA+ and maybe a faster revision of CDMA with updated internals. I don't see LTE right now.
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    Actually it's quite the opposite. LTE is inefficient to Apple's eyes at this point in time. So i say, don't expect an LTE iPhone 5.

    So if the iPhone 5 won't have LTE, what will it have? Everything. The lack of LTE is the reason why Apple is putting so much work into the iPhone 5.

    Rumors point to a bigger and better form factor. The iPhone 4 design is plagued with negativity, as the iPhone 4 had the worst publicity any iPhone ever got. WSJ posted that the iPhone 4 design "fell out of favor" by the Apple execs, and i can see why. Antennagate is an actual issue, although it was blown out of proportions. Plus a handful of others such as, proximity sensor issues, glass breaking, lack of iPhone 4, poor ergonomics, fact that Consumer Report couldn't recommend it etc.

    But hey, it sold great! Why? Because it's an iPhone. If it were Samsung or RIM releasing a product with so much negativity, then it would've been a failed product.

    So I'm sure Apple would want to get rid of all the negativity associated with the iPhone 4 design, in fact, I'll be surprised if the form factor isn't upgraded. But the recent case leaks point to iPhone 3GS/iPad 2-like design.

    You must have no idea how powerful an A5 dual core processor and updated graphics card can be, on a device as small as an iPhone. This could mean that the iPhone 5 will have a greater longevity, and the iPhone 5 would use the battery more efficiently, due to the dual cores. It won't be "a little bit faster", it will be much faster.

    Here's what we're looking at:

    1) A5 Dual Core processor
    2) Upgraded antenna design
    3) Complete form factor redesign
    4) Bigger screen
    5) Better camera

    i.e, the iPhone 5 will be the biggest upgrade the iPhone has ever received, internally and externally.

    Also, although USA, Canada and a few countries have 4G networks already, some do not. Along with the inefficiencies that come with the 4G chip, we can expect the iPhone 6 to boast 4G.

    In all honesty, 3G in my area is sufficient, so 4G really isn't a big feature for me, and i don't plan on compromising the essential things the iPhone is known for, for a 4G network.
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    True, but that's also because current software is built for the current processor/ RAM. If it was faster and had more RAM, software would be developed to take advantage of it.

    Under your reasoning, there'd be no reason for them to ever make faster computers since they're plenty fast enough for current software.

    So? Just because it's currently better than most doesn't mean they shouldn't strive to be better themselves... especially as others are starting to catch up.

    Faster processor/ more RAM would lead to a higher battery drain. In order to remain the industry standard, it would have to improve.

    Maybe your friends don't need the space, but many of us do. Having the ability to take more pictures, load more apps, and carry more music/ movies would be a nice option.

    Since 3G is plenty fast to stream video and I'm already able to pass any of the 2GB data limits, I don't have as much of a need for faster speeds... but I'm easily excited for everything else that's rumored.
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