iPhone 5 vs iPad mini 3 cameras

Discussion in 'iPad' started by AppleAsker, Feb 9, 2016.

  1. AppleAsker macrumors newbie


    Feb 9, 2016
    Hello everybody. I would like to know which device has the best cameras between the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini 3.

    Firstly, how do the front-facing cameras of these two devices compare, and which out of the two is the best? I read that both devices use the same front-facing camera, but I want to be sure.

    Regarding the back cameras, I do know the iPad mini 3 has 5 megapixels compared to the iPhone 5's 8 megapixels. However, is there really a difference and does 8 megapixel really offer better and crisper image quality? These devices both have 1080p back-facing cameras, so I think they should be about the same. However, I don't know if I'm right, so please tell me the difference between these two!

    I would appreciate it if someone could answer my questions! Thanks a lot! :rolleyes:
  2. Simche macrumors member


    Jul 27, 2015
    I can't anwser everything, but iPad mini 3's camera is more comparable to iPhone 4's camera. It has more "grains" on the picture and in low-light environment the iSight Camera isn't as good as the iPhone 5's camera when taking pictures. Both Facetime cams "should be" on the same level since Apple did a good job on boths after (mini 1 / i4) era.

    If you're considering to purchae an iPad mini, I'd go with iPad mini 4. That device is more comparable to iPhone 5/5s/6 and is just overall better than all previous iPad mini's :)

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