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    This is the first time I've had an update available when the newest iPhone is released. I just sold my 4S and am rocking out my old 2005 flip phone for the time being so I want to get one of the first pre-orders. How does the pre-ordering situation work?

    If the keynote is on the 10th what date & time do pre-orders usually start? And if I am a sprint customer how to I get my price reduced to the subsidized rate when I pre-order from apple.com?
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    How does it work? Well, there will be a time set by Apple at which Pre-Orders will start.

    Usually like a week or two after the event. Usually, Pre-Orders start around 1AM or 12AM Pacific time on Apple.com (Carrier based times have been found to vary from 1AM to 3AM Pacific as well).

    After that, if you were within the first to order, you should get yours on the day its released either via UPS or Fedex.

    Of course, good luck trying to activate it on the same day... it has always been slow or you won't be able to until next day. People on the East Coast are the ones who get activated easier as every system is empty when they start to unpackage their devices.

    People in Central, Mountain and Pacific time zones is always royally screwed by Eastern Time people... Unless you wait until midnights.
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    Jun 2, 2012
    Looks like my EST will work to my advantage then.
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    I pre-ordered my iPhone 5. Had to go to Apple since Sprint's site folded in the crush. Fortunately since I was on it it went right through. Got my i5 on launch day and did not have any problems activating. Of course, I got my iPhone 5 late in the day (about 3:30pm) and had to wait until I got home to activate it, but I didn't have any issues.

    You're smart to go through Apple. I was glad later to have done this as I do not deal with Sprint at all for any issues with my iPhone. I've had it replaced and the only time Sprint came in to the picture was to fix the IMEI that the Apple "Genius" screwed up when submitting it to Sprint. Otherwise my activation would have been fine on the replacement.

    Just set yourself up to be on the website around 12am. I'm in Phoenix and that's when I was there. Kept refreshing the page until pre-orders actually went live, which for me was around 12:15am. Apple was late.

    Apple has all your Sprint info so there won't be any issue. All I had to do was give the website my phone number and Apple took care of the rest.

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