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Apr 22, 2009
My friend's phone is doing some weird things and she asked me to take a look at it.

Her service keeps going in and out, and at first I thought maybe it was her carrier until I saw it happen with my sim as well. (She has Straight Talk, I have AT&T)

I opened it up and reseated the antenna and that didn't really help. The thing that seemed to help the most is that I took off the metal plate that covers the battery cable and antenna. I actually did that and had a consistent connection for well over 2 hours, so I returned it back to her only to hear that it's doing the same thing. When I remove the metal cover plate I get 2 bars or so, but it does act a little wonky while just sitting in the same place: it will go from 2 bars instantly to 5, 3, 2, 1, No Service, back to 2. It's pretty consistent at 2 bars now, but does spaz out randomly sometimes. What is going on?

I can replace the entire bottom charging dock assembly, which would mean for a brand new antenna, but not sure if it's worth it.

I hear that there's actually two antennas for cellular, but I don't know where the one on the top is.

Also, what's weird is that it will still get service even when I have the bottom antenna unplugged. I guess that's not too strange since there's two antennas for carrier, but it seems as though the carrier will show up with the bottom one unplugged, but can't actually use it.

This phone was never broken or worked on, so it's a weird situation to me. Would the metal plate somehow get in the way of service? (P.S: The phone is no longer under warranty, so I'd rather not take to Apple.)


Dec 14, 2013
I saw that actually. They don't talk about where it is or show where the top one is. They just say there is one on top. :p
I knew I'd be no good. Figured you'd found that already but no one had replied. I think that the cost of trying each repair is going to eventually outreach that device though.
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