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    I have a 16 gb iPhone 6 and having an issue with storage. I couldn't take anymore pics or videos at a recent event because my storage was full. I'm looking for the best options to improve my storage.

    My phone says I've used 11.2 gb of local storage on my phone; I have 446 mb left. 4 gb is taken up by my music and the rest is mb's of photos and other apps. Of the 5 gb of icloud storage that I have, 4.4 is available. How can I move some or all of my 4 gb in music to iCloud (I thought my music was already in the cloud)? The music is a mixture of downloads and cds I put on my iMac and copied over to my iPhone. I have iDrive on, and I also have Dropbox, so if there's a way to transfer music from my phone to Dropbox, and still play my music via Blue-tooth when necessary, that would be great.

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    Nowadays a 16 GB iPhone does not really offer enough storage for the average user. However, more storage equates to more dollars which a lot of folks are not in position to spend. :( I suggest removing what photos and apps you can do without since you state you want the music you have. Transferring music to Dropbox would not work.
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    There is an easy way to stream your entire library, including your playlists to your phone and not have your music on your phone itself.

    But it requires a different service. Dropbox is storage, so you cannot stream music from it.

    Google Play will let you stream your music. They have a Music Manager app and prefpane that will install on your Mac. It monitors your iTunes library and if there are any changes it pushes to Google Play. The first run will upload your entire library to Google Play.

    Then you just use the Google Music app to stream your music. The app is compatible with the lockscreen music controls so you can use it just like you would your regular music app.

    The downside is that you'd need a Google account and since it's streaming it takes data. Some people aren't into that.
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    It might be the opposite of where it is enough for most (typical users), but not for many others.
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    Hi @eyoungren

    isn't there apps such as TuneBox that allows streaming from Dropbox ?

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