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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by pierre1610, Apr 17, 2017.

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    I'm in the UK. I had my damaged iPhone 6 replaced via an insurance claim 6 months ago. Right from the off the phone was a little slow to respond to touch. I figured it was just me being impatient. It got gradually worse, I enquired in both Vodafone shops and Apple stores over the months and was advised to press both buttons to soft reset which did improve things. Finally a week ago (just under 6 months from the insurance replacement) it failed completely. I went into a Vodafone store and they advised me to go to apple. Phoning Apple they told me to do a factory reset via iTunes which still didn't fix it. I went into the Apple Store today and they did a low level factory reset which fixed it for 15 mins (longest yet) but it still failed. I then went back to the Apple Store and claimed it must be the dreaded touch disease. They didn't admit to it but offered the same reduced replacement cost of £129 that the iPhone 6+ has a service plan for. I got nowhere quoting uk consumer law as I got the phone via a contract with Vodafone. Where can I go from here. The phone is 6 months old and clearly had this problem since it was given to me as an insurance replacement, annoyingly it's now past the 90 day warranty and way past the original warranty.

    Any advise?

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    Best bet is try to get as much credit for the phone as possible in exchange for the 6S or 7 if you like. That was the only option that I had when ran into something similar with family member.

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