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    Almost 2 months ago my 6s suffered water damage. For the next 2 weeks, the watermarks on the screen got worse. I couldn't hear phone calls unless it was on speaker. Only once every few presses on the screen registered. My lock button wouldn't work, and neither would my mute/ ringer switch... Eventually the watermarks went away, the lock button/ mute switch started working again, I could hear phone calls again and my screen got better. Basically everything worked fine but the screen.

    At this point everything works fine except for my screen; about 2 months later. But... occasionally those blue vertical lines show up across the screen, and the screen isn't very responsive, it also presses random things and sometimes doesn't let me press what I want. But when I lock it then unlock it/ restart the phone, I can use the phone with no problem for about 10 seconds until it starts glitching slightly.

    The phone has periods of times (a few days) where there is no problem with the screen/phone at all and it works like a brand new iphone, but always goes back to the glitchiness eventually.

    My question is, do you think 2 months after the water damage, (with the only current problem to the phone is the screen), I can just replace the screen and it would work fine?

    P.S... The closest apple store is an hour and a half away so I would rather avoid the trip to the and replace the screen myself
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    I see this question a lot; IMHO water damage should always be addressed first and foremost to avoid latent issues. Now in your particular case, the logic board may have gotten through it's little swim relatively unscathed...to the point where only the LCD has been damaged. You could certainly try to replace just the screen to see if that solves the screen issue. If it doesn't, then you clearly have a logic board issue and that may or may not be repairable. Ultimately, the decision is yours. The best practice would be to have the logic board looked at and properly cleaned/decontaminated.
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    If there's any other moisture inside the phone, it will eventually short the phone out. You can certainly replace the display, but only time will tell.
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    The other thing that water does when inside electronic devices is cause connections (shorts) where none were ever intended. Often subjecting components to charges well exceeding their capabilities. Sometimes the components limp along for awhile before finally failing.

    Get the phone replaced if you still have time on your AC+. You're only going to continue to have odd effects and likely, eventually, have a fatal failure that renders the phone inoperative. (my own experience, this usually happens 1-5 days after your AC+ runs out) :)

    Edit: Just saying...Murphy is alive and well. :)

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