iPhone 7 crappy for Ubering


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Oct 17, 2011
Well all the amazon reviews for every one I have searched they say the same... This is from the Belkin:

"Kept getting error message on Iphone 7 that the Iphone could not recognize this adaptor. Returning."

"This worked perfectly until the latest iOS update (10.3.1) now the audio component does not work, and my phone says it does not support this accessory. I'm not sure if this is an Apple issue or an issue with this product's compatibility with the software update."

And tons more...
I looked through Amazon reviews, and specifically the most recent ones, and while some people are having some issues (just as has been the case before basically), quite a few are are quite positive with the adapter working just fine for them. The one I have has been working fine for some time as well.
I agree, I am not using it for my ear, I want the cord so I can plug into my aux for my stereo so I can play Pandora for the passengers. But I can't keep the phone charged and have pandora playing for people at the same time.
If it's really just for that, and not calls or anything else, then almost any of the cheaper adapters (that have been referenced in various posts) should do the trick.
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