iPhone 7 plus and Apple Music


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Mar 8, 2015
Sydney, Australia
So my phone arrived today, I restored it from a backup, and everything is working fine, except for my music.
I have Apple Music and iCloud Music library turned on. I hit the download button for songs I already have bought through iTunes and on Apple Music. None of them will download. After hitting the cloud download button, it turns into the download circle thing that's spins, and then goes back to the download button.
I can stream it however, just not download it to the phone.

Any one have any suggestions how to get my music to download?
I have already reset my phone, deleted the Music and app put it back again. Thanks guys


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Sep 18, 2016
I have Apple Music turned off from day one and had no issues getting all my music. Maybe try a restore again.


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Sep 15, 2016
I had a similar issue where my music would infinitely spin on the download and never actually download. I can't tell you exactly what solved it as I tried everything and eventually it just worked. I'll outline what I tried.

I started on my home Wi-Fi and it wouldn't download at all. I restarted my phone, force closed Music and toggled the offline playlist. Tried downloading one song at a time and it didn't work. I had also restored from an iCloud backup. So I reset network settings, but had to leave for school, so I didn't try this again on my home network.

On my drive to school, I tried to download the music on 4G/LTE and it just did the same thing. When I got to class, I had to setup my school Wi-Fi connection again as I had reset network settings. On this different network I tried it again and it finally worked, as if it had never had an issue. Then on my drive home later, I tested it on cellular data again and music now downloaded without a problem.

Confirmed at home that it worked here now, too. Seemingly reset network settings and getting on a fast connection fixed it for me, but I won't say for sure. Since then I haven't had issues downloading music on any network or 4G data, it just works instantly.

Hope that helps!


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Oct 6, 2013
I don't think this happens on a specific model of iPhone, cos I have an iPhone 5 and this happened to me too yesterday. Tried to download songs at work, it kept spinning, tried resetting but still the same. I gave up. The next morning, I opened my music app and the songs I wanted to download was there, already downloaded. I guess they were downloaded when I was on my home's wifi. Random but yeah, I think the Music app on iOS 10 is buggy.


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Sep 20, 2014
How many songs do you try to download at once ?

Apple music since to have problem to download more than 100 songs at a time.

I already had the problem last year ago (yes this problem is not new and still not solved) and the solution is to split the music you want local in several playlist of 100 songs or less.

If the downloads are still waiting (with the circle) and youy can't cancel them, you can use some desktop app like diskaid. With it you can access the download folder of the iphone (no need to be jailbroken) and remove all of the pending downloads.

All of this sucks but it worked for me (and I'm prepared to do the same when I get my 7+ in some weeks)...