iPhone 8(+) iPhone 8 worth buying


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Nov 24, 2018
Depends on what you are upgrading from. The 8 is a great, underrated phone, but if upgrading from a 7 you probably won’t really notice a difference in everyday use.
[doublepost=1543108329][/doublepost]Im using a iPhone se lol, I found a excellent offer and swoon as I ordered it it went out of stock. I ordered a IPhone X in silver from mobiles.co.uk, £36 a month, £49 upfront, Vodafone unlim mins/texts, 100gb data BARGAIN!

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Jul 12, 2016
It seems the same as the iPhone 7
It’s definitely not the same. Maybe form factor wise it is, but the 8 has a few advantages with wireless charging, glass back, the stereo speakers are actually 25% louder, as mentioned already, it includes True-tone, and some added camera features, alongside the A11 Bionic processor.