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iphone 8

  1. M

    iPhone 11 iPhones with Intel cellular modems, your experiences?

    We're looking at getting a family member an inexpensive iPhone (still running iOS 16 or newer). From my own experience with an iPhone SE 2020 (dropped calls, WiFi constantly disconnecting), I question if Intel cellular modems aren't as robust as Qualcomms, as far as sensitivity, range, etc...
  2. oofio2461

    iPhone X can't run iOS 17, but 6th gen iPad can run iPadOS 17.

    So the A11 is apparently not strong enough for iOS according to Apple: (iPhone X has 3GB, A11) But the 6th gen iPad, an A10 with only 2GB Ram also gets iPadOS 17: Doesn't Make sense, if A10 iPad can do lock screen customizations, why couldn't the iPhone 7 do it? The same applies to the 8 and...
  3. A

    old man needs help with music and MacBook Air

    Can someone help please? I have recently bought a MacBook Air running Monterey, very different to a PC but OK, I have all my music on an iPhone 8, about 78Gbytes worth, but I don't have all my music stored on the Mac. Is there a way to copy new music to my iPhone using Finder without going...
  4. 268unlock

    iPhone 8(+) Could not create apple id

    Hey guys I have 2 iphones. An iphone 7 and am iphone 8 and I am unable to create apple IDs on either. Is their any fix for this? They also gets won't sign into icloud and gets am error.
  5. J

    iPhone SE (2022) Apple silently upgraded the modem in the iPhone SE (3rd Gen, 2022)

    When the iPhone SE was released in early 2022, it included the Qualcomm X57 (as noted here: I just bought one– downgraded from the iPhone 14 Pro because I...
  6. annoyingbaguette

    iPhone 8(+) iPhone 8 or X?

    Hi all, I recently lost my iPhone XR and need to get a new phone. I've decided that I will either get the Gold iPhone 8 or the Silver iPhone X. I know all the differences and that the X is obviously better, but my budget is tight and I can get the 8 for around $100 less. Which should I get?
  7. O

    iOS 16 on older iPhones

    Hi, I just wanted to share my (positive) experience with iOS 16 on my iPhone 8. I was a bit scared due to the nightmare experience that the switch from iOS 14 to iOS 15 was for me. With iOS 15 the system became much slower and I also had often bugs like the phone not responding. A major...
  8. westislander

    Whatsapp notification not working on iPhone 8 Plus

    Hi everyone, Is anyone's iPhone 8 Plus or newer not getting WhatsApp notifications? I'm getting the messages and seeing the notification badge on my WhatsApp icon but I'm just not getting notifications on the lock screen, the notification center or in the banner. This started happening as soon...
  9. R

    Transferred Music to iPhone via iTunes... so how do I listen?

    Hi everyone, first time poster here. My beloved iPod died (gah!) and as a replacement, I bought a refurbished iPhone 8 (iOS 15.6.1). Once I got the phone, I plugged it into my Windows laptop, fired up iTunes (ver on the laptop, and then manually dragged-and-dropped all my music into...
  10. E

    After connecting Apple Watch red notification tab not appearing

    I have an iPhone 8 after I got a new Apple Watch (se) the red dot above the mail icon has disappeared. How can I get it back.
  11. R

    Device Support Update caution

    I gamely installed today's Device Support Update (on 2012 Mac mini, macOS 10.15.7+latest security update), and now I can't sync my iPhone - Finder displays an entry for it but says "The selected device could not be found" with a spinner. Have tried rebooting Mac & phone.
  12. janeauburn

    Other The old phone appreciation thread

    Still using and enjoying my 8 Plus. Estimated savings over purchasing an equivalent new iPhone every year: $6000 (including cases, accessories, etc.) Have a friend who is still using a flip phone. Every year he looks at the new iPhones but invests the money he would have spent on a new phone...
  13. 0

    Is iPadOS 15 slow on iPad Pro 10.5 with A10X?

    What about iPhone 8 with A11?
  14. Johnontheweb

    iPhone 13 I'm staying with my iPhone 8, until...

    All, I'm sticking with my iPhone 8 plus. We (the big international we) will have masks for at least three more years. 13 has nothing more but for high-end users. You go!... Bloomberg says weakest upgrade yet. Nothing wrong with face ID, but c'mon. The world has changed. We need a phone adapted...
  15. blake2

    iphone memo app text selection

    Hey all, I'm using an iPhone 8, iOS 14.6. I've been using the memo app for a long time now but since a few days ago, when I try to select some text, it selects only a part of a group of characters. For example, I'm trying to copy a block of text that says 'ABCD12DEFG' and when I double tap...
  16. H

    iPhone 12 Pro Max I couldn't find my iPhone (silent), had to ring it for 15 - 20 mins continuously and had to hear for the vibration, damaged vibration?

    This is only curiosity, but I tend to think of iPhones as being very fragile ..people complain about all sorts of issues, and im one of those people that REALLY baby their new iPhone for the first few months. Basically I had to search for my iPhone as I couldn't find it anywhere, after calling...
  17. Mrs HBF

    iPhone 8(+) Concerned about upgrading to 14.4 with my iPhone 8

    I still have 13.5.1 because of the warnings about battery drain I have read in Forbes. Now I read about a security breach and the importance of upgrading to 14.4 immediately. I certainly do banking on my phone so that’s got my attention. With my older phone, should I upgrade to 14.4 and...
  18. C

    iPhone 8 black screen. Home button works.

    Hi folks. I just dropped my iPhone 8 on a vinyl floor. The screen was a bit cracked prior to this. Now the screen is black and nothing happens when I press the buttons. The home button responds with a soft "click". I tried to call myself from a land line, but apparently the phone is off. Can...
  19. T

    WhatsApp reconnecting on WiFi

    I have strange problem after iOS14 update. My whatsapp is working fine when using mobile data (*wifi switched off), but when using wifi calls (both video and audio) shows reconnecting and then call gets disconnected with call failed. Please note another phone on the same wifi network (different...
  20. N

    need battery replacement, help with backing up various files

    Hi All. I have a battery replacement scheduled for an iPhone 8 and need some clarification on backing up and making certain I have a copy of my stuff. I completed a backup through iTunes to my PC. I understand it’s encrypted so I just can’t pull a single file or note from it. I want to know if...