iphone 8

  1. C

    Apple ID for three devices, trouble

    I have a and one and one-half year-old iMAC, a MacBook Air, received December before last , and a new, old model iPhone 8. Apple Store has been sending persistent notifications on my iPhone, My question, and considerable frustration is are there multiple Apple IDs needed to access these three...
  2. quaccOS

    iPhone 8 Gaming Issues: Swiping Undetected & Overheating

    I play a lot of FPS games on my iPhone 8 (256GB). I keep it in a UAG Monarch Series case, and I use Zagg InvisibleShield Glass+ Privacy for screen protection. I replace the tempered glass regularly enough with the warranty. I've had to significantly lower the graphic settings on any game I...
  3. N

    iPhone 8(+) iPhone 8 battery drops to 94% capacity in 3 months

    Hello. Brand new iPhone 8. The battery has dropped to 94% capacity in 3 months. Not a heavy user, no social, not many apps. Needs charging daily or more frequently. Upgraded to iOS 13.3 from 11.4 about ~1 month ago. Guidance appreciated. Thank you.
  4. E

    iPhone Import/sync Safari bookmarks from macOS to iOS without using iCloud?

    Title says it all. Is that even possible? I'm trying to import/sync my macOS Safari bookmarks to iOS Safari. I'm not using iCloud and I don't want to use iCloud for this because iCloud will sync also my browsing history and I don't want that. Is there any other solution? Thanks. Platform: macOS...
  5. H

    Other Should you buy the 2020 iPhones or wait for the 2021 iPhones?

    What's poppin'? So as an owner of an iPhone 8 I asked myself if I was going to upgrade to the next year's iPhones or stick with it till 2021 and upgrade then. The iPhone 8 is still pretty fast, I haven't experienced any performance issues so far and I think I can get through 2020 easily. But I...
  6. S

    Iphone 8 Power up

    Hello, guys I have a small question. So I will go short on it. I need to replace my Iphone 8 motherboard. And I found a cheap replacement from my country. We have a shipping company that lets people test for 15 minutes what they are about to pay. So I need to be sure that the motherboard works...
  7. A

    iPhone System Memory Reset fix?

    I have a two year old 64 gig iPhone 8 which was working fine until iOS 13 (shocking, I know). Now I'm getting the system memory reset at night every couple of nights when charging my phone (resets happen a little after 2AM). The diagnostic log says cpu usage drops below the limit (but just...
  8. Heroine Lover

    iPhone 8(+) I’m replacing my iPhone 8 screen digitizer tomorrow: any looming questions?

    My new iPhone 8 Plus screen and digitizer arrives tomorrow. It doesn’t come with the home button or camera etc. Are there Any unanswered questions on the forum, or anything that I should try to investigate while I’m doing it? Also does anybody have any tips for me? I’m going to experiment and...
  9. S

    iphone 8 keyboard errors

    Good Afternoon everyone, Im looking for some advice regarding an ongoing issue a client of mine has. On an iphone 8, with the latest updates etc, the client is constantly sending emails with incorrect wordings, ie similar words swapped, odd incorrect letter. I have been through the phone and...
  10. katbel

    All Devices Can't update via iTunes 12.6.5 but yes, we can with a trick!

    I get an error saying the firmware is not compatible (!?) I tried to update via Apple configurator and got a different error : it couldn't expand the update. Any other trick to do it? I don't want to update iTunes 12.6.5 for many reasons
  11. Populus

    iPhone iOS 13 performance on iPhone 8? (Latest beta)

    Hello everyone. I'd like to update to iOS 13 on my iPhone 8 as soon as I can, because iOS 13 is not just a dark theme, it carries a lot of cool new features. But I don't know if this version of the operating system is draining the battery of this model in particular, or it heats it up, or...
  12. phillytim

    iPhone 8(+) Why would you still choose an iPhone 8/Plus post-event today?

    I'm in the game for a new phone, and considering the iPhone 8 Plus - even though it becomes the bargain-basement phone today; for several reasons: - For me to put out $1000+ for a phone, I want to plan on keeping it for several years - I really want to wait for a 5G iPhone - Most likely, I'll...

    iPhone 8(+) iPhone 8 - New modem?

    Does anyone know if the modem in the iPhone 8, unlocked, Apple store version is still being made with the Qualcomm modem (for the US market)? I know in Germany, Apple was forced to use the Intel modem for all the iPhone 8 devices, but I'm not sure if that applies here in the US.
  14. A

    iPhone 8(+) Touch ID not working

    I'm having some issues on my phone. I have an iPhone 8 and I'm running iOS 12.4.1. It all started when I tried to download the 12.4.1 update yesterday. I went to software update and the settings app froze then restarted. This has never happened before. I tried everything to fix it, but the only...
  15. J

    iPhone 7(+) What will be the next Budget iPhone?

    Hi folks, After discontinuing the iPhone SE and making the 7 the new low-end device, what is to expect this fall? The background of the question is, that my company usually offers the cheapest iPhone as business device and I could probably wait until October with my order. I really would like...
  16. A

    iPhone 7(+) Should I buy a refurbished iPhone 7 before Septmeber?

    I am currently rocking an iPhone 4. Let's just say the experience is not the most ideal. I am wanting to buy a refurbished iPhone 7 off of eBay for around $180 dollars. For 32 GB and a phone that'll probably be supported software wise about 2-3 years, this seems like a great deal, especially...
  17. B


    My iPhone got shattered on the highway the front and back are completely shattered and you can’t use the screen but I was able to call it so I’m assuming it still works it’s an iPhone 8, all my babies photos from birth are on there I am SO upset I need to get these photos back!!! Since I have a...
  18. Mrs HBF

    Missing simple functionalities w/the iPhone 8? Please help.

    I just upgraded to iPhone 8 from SE and find a couple of things missing or maybe they're different on 8. I am asking for help to get these functionalities back. Thanks. 1. The voicemail transcript is gone. How do I turn it on? 2. In the Notification Center which I have when I swipe down...
  19. DeApp1e

    iPhone 8(+) Want to sell my iPhone 8 64GB Black but where to list?

    Hello, I have a spare iPhone 8 64GB Black handset that's in pristine condition (rarely used). Battery health is 97%. It's also unlocked. I'm looking at selling the phone but I'm not sure where's best to list it? I've sold a few things on eBay before but the fees they charge are extortionate...
  20. T

    iPhone adware on all search engines

    ok, I own an iPhone 8 and had no problem before getting valuable info when I searched for something thru google or safari or any of the search engines. Now when I search for something it looks like this. See pic uploaded I circled the columns and the adware. How do I get my search engines back...