iPhone Birthed From Purchase of Touch Pioneers FingerWorks?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by nepcker, Jan 25, 2007.

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    (John Elias (standing) and Wayne Westerman show their FingerWorks keyboard-mouse combination in 2002. According to a lawsuit, Apple bought their technology and hired them.)

    Everyone I know has been blown away by the iPhone. Worried about the touch keyboard, but blown away by the rest. This includes a couple of industrial designers, one whom has worked on Apple projects in the past, and another is a veteran of Stanford's Virtual Human Interaction Lab. The consensus is in: How'd they do it?

    So how did Apple go from sci-fi demo and laboratory wonder to shipping product so quickly? Simple. They bought the capability, if Silicon Valley innuendo is to be believed. Engadget reports:

    Underground labs rule, don't they? It certainly wouldn't be the first time Apple went outside to build a breakthrough if this report is accurate. The iPod was outsourced to PortalPlayer very late in the game, and the original Mac was swapped to the 3.5" Sony floppy drive at the last minute when the company's own Twiggy drives proved flaky. Glad to see some traditions being kept up!

    Some iPhone touchscreen roots 'splained by FingerWorks inventors - Engadget

    Also see: UD researchers seen as innovators of iPhone
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    There's been a few stories/threads about this


    and this one from March 2006:


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