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Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by ougum, Mar 15, 2010.

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    I own an iPhone 3g. About 4 days ago, it crashed for no reason at all. A screen popped up that said I need to connect to itunes and restore. I did exactly as it asked. Every time I turn the phone off and power back on, I get the "connect to itunes" screen. I'll restore and my phone will work for a few minutes, then I'll lose reception. If I get reception back and try to open an app, the app will close as soon as it open. I have restored from back-up, and also restored from "set up as new phone". Still the same thing. So I went to the genius bar today. The guy checked for water damage. He found none. He ran a diagnostic test. He said the test showed no problems with the phone. He did what he called a deep restore since the restore screen was there when I gave it to him. He even added one of my apps to try to recreate the app crash problem. All seemed ok. I left the store but hung around the mall in case it happened again. Sure enough, within ten minutes the restore screen was back. I took it back to them. They were going to replace the unit but it was 30 days outside warranty and I had not purchased apple care. They told me they would sell me a refurb with a 90 day warranty for $199.00. I didn't bite because I can't trust a refurb if my brand new unit gave in after only 13 months. Went to AT&T and they suggest that I buy a GO phone and put my sim card in there till I decide what I want to do. What I'd like to know is, has anyone else experienced this type of problem with their phone. If so, what was your solution?
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    Refurbs are not bad. They are usually much better in quality since they have to go thru double the quality checks and broken parts get replaced with newer ones.

    So yes, $199 for a refurb is fair deal. Also, you are not 'buying' a refurb, you are just paying for out-of-warranty repairs.
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    Thanks for the respose. I Like my iPhone, and I do believe refubs are ok. I decided that 13 months is to short of time to pay $199.00 for refub/repair. If that one go bad after 90 days, I'd have to up another $199.00. I have heard of that happening before. I just don't like my phone enough to do that. Again, thanks for the response.

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