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    Lame story about cool feature on the iPhone, but just thought I'd share.

    I have always wanted an iPhone, but have been on a family plan on Sprint, but moved for college, and Sprint sucked, and AT&T was awesome, so I got the iPhone.

    Not only do I live the simplicity and easiness of the OS. But the features that they give you are easier to use and simply cool.

    My school has an app in the app store that allows me to find real time bus scheules and locations of buses, access my university mail and assignments, and email professors, and sports updates, news events, everything.

    Here is the point of this thread.

    For one of my classes we had to create a 4-5 minute video that included photos, interviews, title's/effects, and voice over.

    I put together the whole thing from the iPhone.

    The camera is awesome and took great photos, the 720P video looked outstanding, and iMovie's themes made the whole thing look so proffesional and fluid. I am blown away by this phone.

    Even though the EVO and other droid phones have cool apps, when apple releases an app they make it work, plain and simple, so that basic to advanced users can create cool stuff.

    Uploaded the video to youtube directly from the phone!

    I used to have an EVO and loved it, however the iPhone has pretty much the same features but just better and more fun to use.

    Waste of a thread....ya, but anyone else have a cool story about their phone??
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    Wait until next year June and this thread will be crowded with many people about iPhone 5

    1. OMG! I am not eligible OMFG! I am going to shoot AT&T.
    2. I did not get my iPhone 5 on launch day WTF!?
    3. I wanted white iphone 5, but god! SOLD OUT!
    4. I want to talk to Steve and AT&T CEO RIGHT NOW!
    5. I just got my iPhone 4 this year, so why am I not eligible for an upgrade?

    You will see many stories.
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    I have been on these forums for a while on a different user account, trust me i know the stories.
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    Wow your university sounds like they put a really nice app together! :)
    Glad you are liking your iPhone
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    Quote!!!! :apple::apple:

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