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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by SPNarwhal, Nov 22, 2013.

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    Hey there, people of the iPhone section!
    I had a question for you.

    A while ago I saw a base/dock for the iPhone that was pretty much a LAN Line (with corded phone attachment connected to it) that let you dock your iPhone and then use the corded phone handset to talk on the phone, rather than using your actual phone.

    I know they also made a wireless handset version of this as well where you dock your phone and can carry the wireless handset around the house and the handset will actually go off/ring when your iPhone gets a phone call and such.

    Does anybody know which company made this?

    (And just to save a little time here, I'm NOT talking about the Native Union Pop-Talk handset things that plug into the 3.5)

    Any insight would be great! Hoping to get my dad one of them for Christmas since he misses his old LAN line phone sometimes after I got him upgraded to an iPhone.

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    Kinda surprised at how many Google hits there are for "LAN line". As pointed out above, it's "land line" (i.e. wire run over land versus cellular).

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