iPhone OS 4 Impression (RELEASED) and iPhone 4(not yet)

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    Seeing as how the iPhone 4 is around the corner, I thought it be nice to start a thread where we can post our findings. Also impressions NOT FINDINGS. I realize it's early to start the thread, but we can also use it post our doubts and then when it does come out do the necessary corrections so anyone in the need of great research info has it here. The following is information in relation to iPhone 4, however, as users play with it, they can post here their experiences, pictures or videos. I will be updating this post to accomodate the user data. After all, it is going to be quite the data input with all the features out there still to be documented and with any surprise features iPhone 4's hardware may bring.

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    Retina Display

    Click to Enlarge. We know this one is comming, what we need is hands on with the average user experience to really tell the difference. User based images will be best to see how it fares under the sun, or common tasks.

    Apple A4 chip
    Initial reports and tech specs (iPad) have this CPU clocked at 1GHz with a 256MB eDRAM RAM. The current iPhone 3GS carries a 800MHz CPU with 256MB eDRAM RAM. Due to the fact that Apple didn't highlight anything RAM related and that it took 2 years for Apple to upgrade the RAM. However, the new iPhone 4 hardware is said (confirmed by Apple engineer at WWDC) to carry 512MB RAM unfortunately, it is unknown if this is seperate DDR class or eDRAM module or even more so, whether it's a one or two chip solution.

    As per the A4 chip, we have no concrete reports on what frequency it is clocked. However, if history teaches us something, the A4, being smaller on the iPhone and having less battery to work with may well be underclocked to 800MHz or higher. Current iPhone 3GS CPU clock is at 600MHz underclocked from 800MHz (Thanks to bmms8) While the 1st Gen and 3G are 600MHz CPUs underclocked to 400 MHz (initially on iPhone) and later both were clocked higher to 412MHz via software update (2.0.0 for iPhone 3G and 1.1.3 for iPhone).

    As per the GPU, Apple currently uses an on-die solution in combination with the A4 chip. On the iPad, the A4 packs a PowerVR SGX 535 GPU. On the iPhone 3GS it's the same PowerVR SGX GPU class, however, we do not know which model it is. Initial reports have pointed that the 3GS carries a SGX 530 class GPU.

    Apple's A4


    iPhone OS 4 | iOS 4
    We know what this brings. There are some things not mentioned that we know may well be included. For example, the screen rotation lock. The iPad has it and recent betas of OS 4 have pointed to the inclusion of a software based solution to lock the screen in one position.

    We also have to include the new app, iBooks. Which we all know what it is. Further more, we include the new favorite feature of people, multi tasking. That is next.



    Some may be surprised I gave this it's own slot, but there is credit why. First off, this is no ordinary nor the common multitasking solution. It's the first time multitasking has been done in this state. But is it successful? We will find out the 26th (after stress tests). Users, wishing to help out on this feature exploitation can contact me via PM. Also, during Apple demos we have seen there is no obvious way to close apps that run in backgroung (multitask); however, that changed with the recent betas.

    New design

    The design looks sleek, but how can it last against users? We need an impression on how easy it is to scratch iPhone 4. Also, we need impressions on how it feels on hand. The good the bad. A comparisson between 3GS and 4 is needed as well.

    This is a topic of much controversy. People have argued it's time for Apple to put 2 speakers on the iPhone or make the current one louder. With a new design, Apple has surely changed speaker models. However, how strong the the speaker is, is still a mystery yet to be tested. User's can post audio test to determine how strong the speaker is (decibel dB graphs are welcomed).

    Click to enlarge

    Signal and reception
    A big one. Apple claims this iPhone is much better at reception and signal strength. Hence this translates to a better call quality and fatser network data transmission. Now, please keep the AT&T hate to a minimal because we are not discussing them here. We need comparissons to signal strength on an iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4 on various networks (the more the better). If someone can build a table, that would be even better. Again, a simple PM should suffice.

    Some technical background. The 1st Gen iPhone used an SGold 2 baseband processor. The iPhone 3G uses an X-Gold 608 baseband processor with a capped HSDPA and a max upload of 384 Kb/s (UMTS). The cap is set at 3.6Mb/s. The iPhone 3GS, has the same baseband processor, albeit it is now unlocked to 7.2Mb/s and still has the inherent UMTS upload limitation.

    The next baseband is a whole new chip. How do we know? Well, the upload is set at 5.76 Mb/s, which is beyond what the current 608 X-Gold can deliver. So it's a whole new ball game. Is it power saver chip? No idea. Will we have the same problems Apple had back when the iPhone 3G was released? Maybe not. How about an unlock? New chip, we have to wait again for the iPhone Dev Team to ping it, dismantle it, dump it, and do whatever they do to find an exploit to bring us the unlock. That can take months.


    We have new cameras. Apple posts some neat pictures that claims to have been taken on an iPhone 4 and have had no retouching or editing whatsoever. However, EXIF data on one of the pictures shows traces of tampering. That one picture is enough to exclude Apple's pictures since we can no longer trust them. More so, Apple includes a LED flash for low light pictures. Interestingly enough, Apple doesn't have much pictures that reflect the use of the LED flash. We need users to upload pictures with that LED flash usage to test and see how well it holds.

    Front facing camera has an unknown pixel quality (MP), it's stated to be VGA, which could mean somewhere between 0.1 MP to 0.5 MP.

    More over, the new HD recording has opened new posibilities, but we don't now the actual quality of the recording. Apple states 30 fps, which is in line with what they claimed last time with the 3GS' 3.1MP camera. Again, user drive content should show us the highlighst and impressions of this new hardware.


    This one will be fun. However, there will be no actual way to test the Gyro until we get apps that take advantage of it.


    Well there ya have it. Again, this thread and post will be user driven. So if you have something you would like to share with us, please do. Post a video, picture or data graphs. Anything is fine. This thread will be useful for those who would like an iPhone 4, but need the info from people who have it.
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    . reserved for my iPhone 4 hardware impressions + review
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    On My iPhone, or my iPad?
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    True, let me fix that.
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    OK so I've had the GM for about a week and a half, but went ahead and manually installed the version released today to the masses, just to make sure any small bugs were out.

    I have to say on my 3GS, I can definitely tell the difference. Everything loads faster, smoother, and looks better. I do have to say there is the occasional hiccup where things get choppy for a few seconds, but other than that it's the best OS upgrade i've seen.

    The few apps that have been updated to take advantage of the fast switching really make iOS4 SHINE! it's so much easier and faster to open apps from the frozen state.

    I haven't noticed any battery improvements on my 3GS but I'm sure that will be different on my new iPhone 4. However, with all the multi-tasking and whatnot, the battery life has NOT deteriorated, so that's a plus.

    overall, I believe this was the smoothest and best OS release for Apple. Servers didn't crash from all the downloads and there are not many bugs in iOS4. So happy camper here! What will make me even happier is when i have my iPhone 4 in my hands on Thursday! :)

    EDIT: LOVE LOVE LOVE the ability to GIFT APPS from the iPhone. Been waiting for that for a long time!!

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