iPhone Purchased From Ebay PROBLEM (USPS)?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by icy-macpro, Mar 3, 2008.

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    Oct 24, 2007

    Well, I purchased an iPhone from an ebay seller/store (BRX) and well I payed for it and he shipped it to my address in Toronto, Canada... well he provided the tracking # for usps.. & look what it says... CUSTOMS!

    ?? What will happen? any suggestions? any previous experiences?

    Please Reply... It should arrive by WED.

    Look at the Image Below.



    PS: & if your wondering why I got a second iPhone.. its because some stupid torontoian stole it from me.=( ill post that story if your interested

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    Oct 7, 2007
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    It may just take some time to get through customs, electronics are becoming harder to ship internationally. Ther also may be some Import/Export issue, with the iPhone not yet approved in Canada or Rogers may have their hands into the Canadian Customs preventing the importation of iPhones.

  5. Scandals macrumors member

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    you will likely have to pay GST and PST on the item. there should be no duty on electronics. there may or may not be a brokerage fee as well.

    they can't stop you from importing it. you aren't doing anything illegal. i brought 4 phones over the border and claimed them at customs. they could care less. in fact, one of the customs officers said he wanted one, but his wife wouldn't let him!

    let's hear the story!
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    I doubt it's anything, just normal processing. The couple times I've ordered something from Canada it went through some kind of check or something. No worries I imagine.
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    LOL WOAH! kay Ill Tell The Story. =)


    "Out Of Customs" - What Does That Mean?

    Look at the image below..

    && Im typing story right now.. =)


    Tell my what you think abut being in customs for 2min =S

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    What state, country is the seller from? We can see that it is sitting at customs in Canada and it looks to me like a "dispatch" was sent to San Francisco, not the phone. It looks like some type of clarification of the sale prior to releasing the product from customs to be delivered to you. That is my .02 cents worth.

    ....and now the Rest of the Story???
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    Dec 25, 2007
    How do you pronounce this?

    [And yes, tell us the story!]
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    Alrighty then... Here Is The Story...

    Well. This may be akward. But ill start off with me being the owner. Im a student at A highschool in Toronto, and well being the only one in the High School being A MAJOR apple freak inc. Apple Logos on my locker, "The Works" ... I had to go to the states to get an iPhone. So I set up a day with my Dad, and he said alright, lets go... I went over the border to the Apple Store In the Walden Galleria in New York (Buffalo). I Purchased it. I left Canada @ 8:30 & Bought the iPhone @ 8:45, lucky me no cops were watching the speed limit & YAY for GPS. We were there ON TIME. I didnt have a hard time purchasing the iPhone. I went in and got out. It was simple actually, didnt ask to many questions, i just said it was a gift & that was it. Well I arrived in canada on Sunday Morning EARLY @ 1:20 am... went through customs... payed $60 CAD for taxes. & left. Still sealed in the box arrived at home, & COULDNT WAIT TO UNLOCK IT!. But went to sleep. I woke up turned on my Macbook Pro, started independence & volia did all the good stuff got it unlocked. Well had it everyday working. iPod & on Fido. Was wonderful, brought it to school the next day & BAM everyone, was in AWE. I couldnt help it I told some people but the word spread SOOO FAST. Everyone asked if they could see it. It was like Macworld ALL OVER AGAIN ughh. I enjoyed the fame =). Well after a couple weeks the opening of leopard arrived, I brought it with me to line up @ the Eatons Center, took some pics, & an apple employee was handing out water & decided NOT to give me one simply because i HAD AN iPHONE. I reported it to the manager, he apologized and I received extra shirts on that Launch Day.! I had dropped my iPhone in the Store and it had a dent EXACTLY by the earphone Jack. Making it unique from every other.

    Well Now ill skip to the actual "STOLEN" part of the story.

    So @ our highschool we have a Winter Activity day in which we go to various places eg. skiing, snowboarding, skating etc... I chose skating.. we went to Nathan Philip Square that day. It was a Awful day for me. Well i skated on ice a couple times and just played around with my iphone, opening txt msg's, Making Calls to other peers etc etc... Someone must have seen it, seen me playing with it. Well the day was coming to an end. I sat on the outside bench removed my "rented skates" and in the process, someone behind reached into my side & took my iPhone. (I DID NOT NOTICE THIS AT THE TIME), well i returned my skates and i realized that it wasnt on me! I WAS IN AN PHASE that i couldnt explain, it was my "baby" & someone took it. Well we looked and looked me and 20 other kids there, but other people from Toronto were there also. So i accepted that it was gone, but made a phone call to my phone # & normally it should ring & go to my "Answering Machine" but it didnt - in reply it said that the customer is NOT available. That ment that whoever took my iPhone had turned it off. UGGH. I was soo sad that day.

    I came home... parents were, well what can we do its gone... eventually they said it will pop out. So everyone @ school had an eye out, and i became so big the principal got involved and made an announcement and a group on Facebook was made called iHelp, it was for the comfot for me and my gone phone. I was actually getting donations as well, but didnt want to take it, was to sad.

    Well this may seem weird, I purchased my 16gb iPhone on ebay, because I didnt want to drive to the states again and well after a few day I checked on craigslist for my "Stolen 8gb" iPhone... well guess what? IT WAS THERE, MY IPHONE WITH THE DENT & NO BOX AND HE PROVIDED THE SAME CASE AS MINE A "HOLSTER", we emailed him but he said it had been sold, he removed the ad, & well we found out where he lives his ISP provider his cell # all that, & gave him a call & told him we know that you have sold a "STOLEN" iPhone, he said no i bought it 7 months ago & blah blah blah... its mine i know my baby when I see it. Well ill post screen shots of the ad, because he removed it...

    Well that basically it my story so far...

    Any Questions?

    Should I Post any updates, if any come out?

    here are the pics.... (below)

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  12. avaloncourt macrumors 65816

    Oct 18, 2007
    I guess I'm not seeing the issue here. You bought a phone on ebay. It was sent from California. It arrived in Canada. Canadian customs inspected the package. Canadian Customs released the package. What is it you're not understanding? Have you never had anything pass through customs before?

    Be happy the customs inspection was very rapid. The estimated delivery date is merely that, an estimate. If customs wants to get involved that can change everything. I've had items I've sent sit in Canadian customs for two weeks. Yours sat for two minutes.
  13. icy-macpro thread starter macrumors member

    Oct 24, 2007
    LOL, yes 2 minutes, but my question is what do you think?, Will i be charged for COD or taxes? He claimed he sent it as a MP4 and declared it as $40 us.
  14. Cybergypsy macrumors 68040


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    Thats fraud, your screwed, to mislabel a item they have the right to take it apart.....he is in big trouble......
  15. icy-macpro thread starter macrumors member

    Oct 24, 2007
  16. avaloncourt macrumors 65816

    Oct 18, 2007
    If they physically opened the package (which doesn't seem likely for a two-minute scan time) I'd guess that customs passed it through as declared. If not, you'll be getting a love letter from customs that the item was not as described on the douane form and it has been reassesed to its real value and you will be assessed the true PST/GST for your item.

    But, as stated, it passed through so quickly it doesn't appear that they actually opened it and looked. That was a pretty risky thing to do with declaring it as a $40 value. Had it become lost in shipment documents say it was a $40 player. If it was insured that was all you'd get back from the insurance.
  17. Hawkeye411 macrumors 68000


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    Canada EH!!!
    You will have to pay the taxes when you pick up the phone at the post office. It doesn't mean that they opened the package. They can charge taxes based on the declared value. They also may open the package to determine the value. It's the same as when you bought the first one and had to pay taxes when you came across the boarder with your father. Not sure why you posted the story again in the thread instead of posting a link to your previous post.

    Anyway, no worries but you will have to pay some taxes. Oh yea ... and a brokerage fee.


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