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    Jul 17, 2016
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    Hey everyone I came here in the hope that someone can help me with my problem as Google doesen't seem to have an answer for what I experience currently.

    I've got an Iphone 5s 64GB running on ios 9.3.2 (unlocked) (non-jailbroken) so basically the problem is that none of my applications such as Facebook, snapchat, appstore, settings and so on can't find an internet connection so they cant get online appart from Safari or Opera. As soon as I get on a web browser on my phone the internet works fine all websites and so on, it just asks me for a approval of a certificate for gmail or a other google service. As soon as I press continue my webpage refreshes and Im being prompt transferred to the google.com website (which I typed in first). I already tried lots of things such as: forgetting my wifi network, renewing lease, rebooting iphone, reset network settings, reset my internet router, synchronising my iphone on itunes and none of these things helped me. I currently switched off my phone and left it for the night in the fridge in a plastic foil in hope that my phone may start to work if overheating was his problem.

    My last option would be the factory reset my phone and see if it may work, I already backed up my iphone but thats my last option. I hope that someone can help me with my problem. Thanks a head for your supportive community.
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    Make sure all your restrictions are off.


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