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  1. DominikHoffmann

    Trying to delete non-Time-Machine snapshot

    I am trying to make space on my limited-size SSD (512 GB). From having run the backup software Arq in the past I see an Arq snapshot occupying 106 GB. I would like to delete it, in order to reclaim that space. To wit: user@host ~ % tmutil listlocalsnapshots / Snapshots for disk /...
  2. purdnost

    HomeKit “Failed” Error Every Time I Run a Scene

    All of my devices are running the latest software. For months now, I’ve noticed that when I run my “Good Night” scene, it will say “Failed” even though it successfully runs as expected. Any explanation for this? Any suggestions on how to get rid of this “error”?
  3. H

    Resolved Apple Configurator - An Error Occurred Downloading XXXXX

    Updated to the latest version of Apple Configurator (2.16) and am now getting this error, followed by: "You may need to visit the Mac App Store to view changes to your account." Anyone have a solution to get this thing to work again?
  4. 268unlock

    iPhone 8(+) Could not create apple id

    Hey guys I have 2 iphones. An iphone 7 and am iphone 8 and I am unable to create apple IDs on either. Is their any fix for this? They also gets won't sign into icloud and gets am error.
  5. Gravydog316

    Can I fix the "Dec. 31, 1969" date error on files & folders?

    Hi, does anyone know how to fix file & folder dates that are wrong, with the "Dec. 31, 1969" date error?
  6. P0150N

    Error: SOCD report detected: (AP watchdog expired) - M1MacBook Air

    Hi everybody, So I bought my M1 Macbook Air (16GB) three months ago. Since then the MacBook has been working more or less flawlessly with the exception of a freeze and restart and the error "SOCD report detected: (AP watchdog expired)" a couple of days ago. After that day it did not happen...
  7. C

    Safari errors on pre-owned MacBook Pro

    Hi, I have recently acquired a used MacBookPro 11, a great upgrade from what I was using before. I haven’t yet gotten proper use from it however as Safari is not working properly. I'm getting all kinds of messages that seem to be related to internet security. As far as I know, the previous...
  8. J

    Excel 365 for Mac and live stock information

    Suddenly my Excel can't get stock information? The data type is not working in a sheet where it has been working. Any suggestions?
  9. J

    Macbook Crashes While Playing a Video in Full Screen

    Hi everyone! Recently I ran into a problem with my Macbook Pro A1502 (early 2015) that bothered me so much and I could really use your help. This laptop has been crashing several times with glitches on screen and infinite audio loop while playing full-screen YouTube videos with Safari -- the...
  10. A

    iPod touch iPod Touch DFU mode unrecognized in iTunes

    Hi, I'm facing a weird situation, where iTunes gives the following message when I try to restore my iPod Touch 3rd gen: "The iPod was previously in DFU mode, but restarted and is no longer in DFU mode. To restore this iPod from DFU mode, disconnect it and place it in DFU mode again" As you can...
  11. L

    iPhone 11 Pro Max - stopped charging due to heat

    After three mostly glorious years, my iPhone 11 Pro Max - in the same case, on the same wireless charger (or wired in car using CarPlay) has stopped charging due to heat. Anyone else? No new apps; I don't have social apps running in background - only real battery/power draw is phone (not when...
  12. lowprofile

    Vim erroring out in MacOS Recovery

    After completing a clean install of Monterey on my MacBook Pro 2018, the vim editor in MacOS Recovery Terminal is no longer functioning properly. It will open the file after giving the error, but after pressing "i" to start editing, I get random letters all over the place. It's bizarre. Vim has...
  13. M

    Don't Get Fooled by an Airtag's Phantom Location

    If you are new to using Airtag's, you will have expectations that exceed the capabilities of the tag, iPhone, and connection variables. One of those location errors is what I call a Phantom Location. A Phantom Location is what will be reported and where you will chase off to find the lost tag...
  14. I

    Macbook Pro M1Max keyboard unresponsive at login can't enter login password

    Hey guys. So I just tried booting up and logging in and I cant because I cant type anything into the password input screen at login, and the lights on my keyboard are not lighting up. I did not do anything different, but it is concerning. The mousepad does work as I can move around the...
  15. Alvin777

    Calendar After Merge is Having an Error

    Hi Macs friends. macOS asked if I I want to merge things with he macOS Mail & Calendar & I think iOS's Mail & Calendar, which I did but it's now having this error (the Calendar app is all blank now) and I can't put any "New Event" on it. I did sync it using the Music app and did the Disk Utility...
  16. benji888

    safari blocked plug-in error trying to print packing slip

    I can't believe I am the only one with this problem, but I cannot find this in any search I try.... PayPal now uses shipstation for printing shipping labels. It's been quite a while since I've done this, so I'm not sure what I'm missing, but, I have no problem printing the shipping label, but...
  17. 1

    Paid 500 USD to fix laptop...still broken. Help please!

    I kept getting that screen with the little folder with a question mark in the middle of it. Sent it to be serviced as the apple advisor recommended instead of buying a new one like i should've.... They said it was a battery issue and that I should change out my screen as well. Paid 500+ bucks...
  18. F

    Volume on disk0s2 failed to verify or repair.

    I’m having an issue, in terminal with my disk0 it won’t let me mount in from disk utility or in terminal with command: diskutil mountDisk /dev/disk0 In terminal it shows that the partition map appears to be ok with the following command: diskutil verifyDisk /dev/disk0 it also shows that it...
  19. DanRO

    Can’t play Lossless or Apple Digital Master

    Hello guys, I just got 2 months free of Apple Music and since I got an external DAC I wanted to try out Apple’s lossless audio and Apple Digital Master, but I can’t seem to get it to work. If I enable Lossless it only works for a brief time and then I get this error (see the photo below)...
  20. I

    Iphone 11 pro battery percentages jumping around (iOS 15.2 - 15.2.1)

    Hello guys! This is my first thread, I'm just gonna share my problem with my iPhone 11 pro, mainly about its battery percentages jumping around, it been doing like that so much, I've been trying to contact apple support but they ask me to reinstall the whole iOS, and I already did it and it...