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  1. Bruhaso

    Error installing any tweaks

    Jailbroke an old IPad 4 running IOS 10.3.4 and everything went smoothly, installed one or two tweaks but now whenever I try to install any others I get frozen on "Updating icon cache asynchronously"? I have no idea what that means or how to fix it so any help would be great thanks
  2. Change Agent

    Mail keeps giving me an Internal error.

    See enclosed screen shot. I run mail and use scripts to send mails. From time to time, I get this error. I use the latest mac OS on a Mac Mini.
  3. P

    MP 6,1 Problem trying to force upgrade.

    Hi, I tried following the instructions on this page to upgrade my Mac Pro (2013) to Sonoma. I got as far as installing the OS, and then I was met with the following screens shown (pics). When I try to reboot or install the old OS, I cannot get the Mac to stop rebooting and start over. Does...
  4. Apple fanboy

    Time problem

    Anyone else seeing this issue. My MacBook Pro thinks it’s 7 pm Thursday night. It’s 8 pm Friday morning. Sort of issue I used to get with my PC. I’m pretty sure a restart will sort it, but I have too much to do this morning to go through that pain. Running 14.2.1 on an Intel 13 MB Pro (last...
  5. F

    Bricked M1 MBP: can't access DFU mode/restore

    Dear community, I have a MacBook Pro M1 13" that shows the error "". I want to access it in DFU mode with my 14" MacBook Pro M1 Pro, but I always fail. The MBP 13" shows up in the Apple Configurator, but I think that it is not in DFU mode because a picture of the...
  6. DominikHoffmann

    HomePod HomePod mini “Setup Failed (-5303)”—What is going on?

    I was trying to set up a HomePod mini for a client (which means that I will not be able to try suggestions until my next appointment with her). Her iPhone was on iOS 16.x, still, but I don’t know, whether it has something to do with it. I factory-reset her HomePod mini and then commenced with...
  7. Change Agent

    MacFUSE/VeraCrypt not working with OS13 and OS14 (error = kext load failed- -603947007)

    I have the following situation. I use VeraCrypt (VC) (version 1.25.9) that use MacFUSE (version 4.5.0). Presently we use OS12 (belt and braces approach learned from Apple Tech People long ago, “Never upgrade to the newest OS, let others test and wait till most bugs are out.”) and want to move...
  8. S

    iPhone 13 Pro Apple Maps doesn’t count down distance when navigating

    When you put in a location to navigate to it doesn’t count down the distance to the next turn etc. like it used to (I’m on the latest update). I’m on holiday in Vietnam and using my watch for maps a lot, and it’s annoying having to constantly check my watch as I don’t know how far I am from...
  9. snowatom

    Error in audiotrack on Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3 from iTunes Store in 4K

    I bought the movie on the Danish Apple iTunes Store, and have contacted Apple to report an error with the movies audiotrack. But they can't/won't help as they don't accept responsibility for the digital content provided by Disney (Marvel). Which I find very odd. When played via an Apple TV box...
  10. S

    Large file disappeared

    Mac Mini M1 13.5 pCloud latest version I put into pCloud mounted cloud drive, 50GB file. After several hours, it has upload 10GB of the file, with 40GB left to go it says. I turn off Mac, then later turn it back on, and the file is suddenly 0 bytes, and Finder / File Explorer reports it is...
  11. Gravydog316

    Google Chrome "insuffient permissions: while downloading?

    I am trying to download from Google Chrome (macOS 13) & i get the error "Failed - Insufficient Permissions" do i fix this?
  12. BigDak

    Mac mini '18 HDMI picture not detected by TV after hours of user inactivity

    I like to keep my Mac on 24/7 for certain reasons. I have it connected to my TV via HDMI 2.0. Before going to bed I turn the TV off. Usually when I turn my TV on in the morning, it says that the computer isn't detected. So I have to restart it to fix the problem. (Sometimes it even requires...
  13. L

    iOS 16.5.1 bug? (changed in App Icons?)

    So i recently discovered, that my in-app experience is different. Now i am wondering if only i have this problem? I have another iPhone for work purposes with iOS 16.5.1 and everything is fine there. But please take a look at my stopwatch icon, and then take a look at yours… that orange box is...
  14. DominikHoffmann

    Trying to delete non-Time-Machine snapshot

    I am trying to make space on my limited-size SSD (512 GB). From having run the backup software Arq in the past I see an Arq snapshot occupying 106 GB. I would like to delete it, in order to reclaim that space. To wit: user@host ~ % tmutil listlocalsnapshots / Snapshots for disk /...
  15. purdnost

    HomeKit “Failed” Error Every Time I Run a Scene

    All of my devices are running the latest software. For months now, I’ve noticed that when I run my “Good Night” scene, it will say “Failed” even though it successfully runs as expected. Any explanation for this? Any suggestions on how to get rid of this “error”?
  16. H

    Resolved Apple Configurator - An Error Occurred Downloading XXXXX

    Updated to the latest version of Apple Configurator (2.16) and am now getting this error, followed by: "You may need to visit the Mac App Store to view changes to your account." Anyone have a solution to get this thing to work again?
  17. 268unlock

    iPhone 8/Plus Could not create apple id

    Hey guys I have 2 iphones. An iphone 7 and am iphone 8 and I am unable to create apple IDs on either. Is their any fix for this? They also gets won't sign into icloud and gets am error.
  18. Gravydog316

    Can I fix the "Dec. 31, 1969" date error on files & folders?

    Hi, does anyone know how to fix file & folder dates that are wrong, with the "Dec. 31, 1969" date error?
  19. P0150N

    Error: SOCD report detected: (AP watchdog expired) - M1MacBook Air

    Hi everybody, So I bought my M1 Macbook Air (16GB) three months ago. Since then the MacBook has been working more or less flawlessly with the exception of a freeze and restart and the error "SOCD report detected: (AP watchdog expired)" a couple of days ago. After that day it did not happen...
  20. C

    Safari errors on pre-owned MacBook Pro

    Hi, I have recently acquired a used MacBookPro 11, a great upgrade from what I was using before. I haven’t yet gotten proper use from it however as Safari is not working properly. I'm getting all kinds of messages that seem to be related to internet security. As far as I know, the previous...