iPhone to CAN bus anyone?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by KD7IWP, Jun 25, 2009.

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    I was thinking that it would be incredibly awesome to see someone create a hardware/software solution for the iPhone that could connect to the CAN bus in newer vehicles. Seriously, what if you could switch engine maps, control vehicle functions, look at live data, etc from your iPhone screen!! I wish I was good enough to develop for hardware, so far all I have is limited c#/asp experience.
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    Jun 25, 2009
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    I believe a CAN BUS is the connection point on the newer cars and trucks that you can hook a diagnostic computer to. its usually under the dash on the drivers side.
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    At the iPhone hacks section.
    So this guy wants to view his cars "Check Engine" light error codes on his iphone?
    What else are we going to hear? :D
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    What you mean is the OBD port. It would be very neat is someone could do this yes.

    More information here:

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    ok then I stand corrected... so what is a CAN bus?
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    CAN bus is the bus used at least in newer Chrysler cars for what I call the infotainment systems (connects GPS, radio, DVD player, etc to each other). It does a lot more, though. I believe it's also used with the engine's systems communications as well.

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    That would be nice to have.

    For the auto technicians to leverage the advatanges of the iPhone as a diagnostic tool, and online access to the service manuals, serevice bulletins, as well as support from the call centers, OEM, etc...
    A hardware interface would be required. Technically it is feasible.

    Some years ago, there was a product to do some of that (read, clear DTCs, and read sensor data) for OBDII in Palm OS, using the Springboard port of the Handspring Palm OS PDAs.

    To make it commercial viable probably it has to be focused on specific markets. Even standards are used, every car manufacturer has their own versions for specific control units.

    Anyway, how much would you expect to pay for a CAN BUS kit?
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    I have seen a device that does this already or was coming out soon. It was a cable, and then software or access to the internet for diganostics and tracking.

    I think it was over on the mbworld.org forums.
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    Jun 25, 2009
    link please:rolleyes:. this sounds perfect!
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    I checked out that link and my only concern is that it would be a lot of money to spend before you would know what that app could or can't do for your vehicle. I would want to know EXACTLY what I would get before I shelled out 40us for the app and who knows how much for the wifi port adapter.

    I do want to be able to access my trouble codes. But I want ALL of them, not just a few of the basic ones. I really don't care if its thru my Iphone or a laptop. I just want a product that will tell me what it does up front and follow thru...

    My vehicle uses the CAN bus (2004 Ford Superduty) as well I believe.
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    not the one

    That link above is not the diagnostic tool I was talking about, it seems more like a performance tool.

    I'll do some research on the diagnostic tool, it was a CES 2009 announcement that showed it off.
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    Well, the iPhone can do it... all you need is the proper accessory and the accompanying application.

    With with OS 3, you can pretty much use any accessory.
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    Oct 2, 2008
    The problem with getting a real CAN module for an iPhone is actually that there's no standard for this stuff.

    The CAN messages are different for each manufacturer, and likely different for each car model.

    How many of you here would actually be interested in hooking something up to your car, downloading the raw messages, and then trying to find patterns in the messages and taking a guess as to what they mean?

    If so, get this first.

    Been tempted to do it, but I got so many other projects in line. Anybody else here have a VQ35DE (Nissan engine)?
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    The car manufacturers have been trying to keep people from finding out what the info means; they want people to go to the dealers with problems. IIRC, they are even trying DMCA to prevent people from sharing info about what the codes mean.
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    Oct 3, 2012
    I've seen lots of blue tooth OBDII adapters to let you connect your car connect to an iPhone. I've never looked into what apps are out there though. I could see how that'd be a nice toy to have.
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    Can be done with Android, iOS, not sure!

    Here is the hardware you'd need:

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    Welcome to the forums, and thanks for posting.

    However, when searching the forums (or after arriving here from a Google search), please check time stamps of threads. You've just revived a thread from 2009 that hasn't been replied to in 4 years.
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    I did check the date and noticed there no one had answered the original question or even had understood the original question. So a reposnae was justified even if the question was an old one.

    I have answered half of the question (the hardware required). I'd be happy to get an answer to the other half in four years time!

    Your response however is not contributing to the original question whatsoever!!!

    If you feel so passionate about leaving old questions unanswered perhaps you should try get the old threads removed or locked so no one can reply to then!
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    I'm sure they've been waiting on the edge of their seat. (Especially since a Google search shows several obvious results in ~.5 secs) :rolleyes:

    Thanks for stopping by to bestow your knowledge. Look forward to seeing you in 4 years. :cool:

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