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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by McJohn42, Aug 11, 2011.

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    Aug 11, 2011
    All the fuss about the current crackdown on internet tethering is based upon AT&T's currently posted TOS.
    Does anyone know when the tethering restriction was added to their TOS or does anyone have available an older TOS (either via link, email, attachment, etc.)?
    If so, please provide the date of the TOS you are making available. This service would be very valuable to all those unlimited data plan users who are being bullied into changing their old plans to the new TOS.
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    Jul 6, 2009
    I don't have the old TOS, but I'm pretty sure it said something along the lines "AT&T will change your plan if we detect unauthorized, unfair, or abusive data usage" and tethering falls under those lines.
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    "unauthorized, unfair, or abusive data usage" and tethering falls under those lines"
    "Unauthorized" is not a grey word. The current terms of service says tethering requires a DIFFERENT plan (more money). So use of it would be unauthorized for new users (YOU!!!!) without paying extra. There is a reason for contracts being in writing, it's so people can't decide later that they want something that will be more beneficial than the original agreement. Being UNHAPPY with an someone's existing contract does not give someone the right to label it as unauthorized (show me an official AT&T response that says all tethering is unauthorized, it's only the media that have used those terms).
    "Abusive data usage" is also not grey. Netflix streamers and unlimited text users use way more data than I do using tethering to check my email with my laptop while on the road in my RV. I use far less than 200mb per month with my tethering compared to others that don't tether and use gigabytes with netflix. Since AT&T would be laughed out of court for saying their unlimited plan is being abused based on the amount of data being used, they have to single out methods of data usage. Don't for one minute believe that AT&T will stop at "tethering" in their attempts to eliminate existing contracts they no longer wish to honor. I've heard some netflix users have been told that video streaming falls into the definition of tethering when they call to ask why they received the notices even though they don't tether. Offering a data plan with the specific name "unlimited data" and then insinuating(never actually say) anything that actually uses a significant volume of data as being unauthorized, unfair, or abusive is their attempt to blame their subscribers for being at fault for a contract that they no longer wish to honor. This is akin to a store creating a salesbill to get your business, and then crying foul if the only thing you bought when you came in the store were the things on sale. They are blaming their inadequate equipment (volume capabilities) on users who got the a plan on sale, and say all problems will be solved if we simply charge them more and allow them to continue to do the same thing (does this pass the common sense rule?). BTW, those words (unauthorized, unfair and abusive) come from people like you because AT&T knows better than to use them in their official communication.
    "Unfair" I definitely understand you there,,,,,you think it is unfair that AT&T gave me a plan that didn't restrict tethering because you can't get it now.
    GO CRY SOMEWHERE ELSE, or provide some actual valid comments to how my tethering to check my email in my RV is either unauthorized, unfair OR abusive or how I even use anymore data than you do.

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