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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by dcopelandia, Jul 10, 2017.

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    So last year we got my wife into the Apple program that gives her a new iPhone every year. With three iPhones rumored to come out and one of them to be an premium iPhone 8, anybody willing to gamble how many people will want to upgrade to an iPhone 8? How will Apple handle all the people that have iPhone 7 plus 256 gb and want a new iPhone 8? I mean they could charge more for those people but what happens next year when the new phones that they came out for the 10th anniversary are not upgraded. It seems it could be a un-perfect circle of confusion. Any ideas how they might deal with this?
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    You want people to speculate on your speculation ?
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    What exactly are you asking? Why would Apple charge more for those that have the 7Plus 256GB? You trade in your current phone, sign a new loan with the new phone and be on your way.
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    Please speculate on your conclusion.
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    Don't see the confusion. Next year they make the 8s and Apple sells about 80 million of them Apple makes about 50 Billion and we try to find the money to pay for them. Where is the problem?
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    Yep. This. Returning the old iPhone just "forgives" the remaining balance on the older device.

    This is pretty much what you've already paid by the time you reach the 12-month mark:

    iPhone 7 32GB $389.00 ($32.42/mo * 12)
    iPhone 7 128GB $439.00 ($36.58/mo * 12)
    iPhone 7 256GB $489.00 ($40.75/mo * 12)

    iPhone 7 Plus 32GB $449.00 ($37.42/mo * 12)
    iPhone 7 Plus 128GB $499.00 ($41.58/mo * 12)
    iPhone 7 Plus 256GB $549.00 ($45.75/mo * 12)

    Now the amount of the monthly payment for the new device may change depending on what device and configuration you upgrade to.
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    If you're referring to all the issues with the Apple Upgrade customers not getting first dibs on a new 7/7+ that happened last year, I doubt you'll see a repeat. Of course you go by the assumption that it will be available this year, and affordable by mainstream folk. :apple:

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