iPhone With Triple-Lens Rear Camera Will 'Likely' Launch Next Year Says Analyst

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    Nov 11, 2015
    Doh, you beat me to it. That's what the phones will look like in a few years. And it doesn't matter because the quality is still exactly what you will get from those tiny sensors, tiny lenses and mediocre software trying to stitch it together. Feel free to read the reviews of that Light L16. In optimal situations it produces amazing images. Then again, so do some mobile phones. Move anywhere out of the comfort zone and you're just as screwed as you've always been.

    Great for those who live in constant sun light and otherwise perfect weather. Not so much for those of us who also get to enjoy cloudy days, rain and darkness. Was in a concert the other day. Took some photos with my iPhone X. Took some photos with my DSLR with a 50-year old Russian lens that cost me $20. Guess which ones I kept? (And the reason I had that lens with me was because I wanted to try it out. Worked much better than I expected. Didn't plan to take photos in the concert, but I did because I could. With only iPhone X I wouldn't have been able to get anything useful - and I'm talking even facebook-sharing-on-a-tiny-mobile-screen-quality "useful". The others I could print as a poster on the wall should I want to. Don't get me wrong. I get very nice pictures on my iPhone X when the situation is right. I sometimes actually use it to complement my camera gear. I just never use it as my only one because I know how limited it is.
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    I agree, a phone does not replace a good Camera, but, and this is a big but, it is the only camera you have with you 100% of the time.

    Picture a toddler standing up for the first time, you do not care about the best quality, but you want a pic, and with a phone you can do it, but by the time you went in your closet and grabbed the professiona gear the toddler already fell..

    Same things for vacation, you take a trip,you figure you are not gonna see anything worth bringing that expensive / heavy gear but you see something nice, and you wish you grabbed your camera, the phone is there.
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    You wouldn’t want more pixels unless they increased the sensor size. More pixels would only make the photos worse.

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