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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by appleuserfan, Oct 26, 2018.

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    I compared all the apps I regularly use (Messenger, Facebook, Discord, PlayStation Messenger, Xbox, etc.) to my 6s+ and the XR for about 30 minutes today and I didn't notice any blurring in the text. It looked the same crisp and clear on both devices to me. So far the only icons I've seen that look blurry are in my banking app. I even toyed around with making the text larger and smaller and I didn't notice any blurriness on my 6s+ vs XR.
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    Pixel density is the same as the 2010 iPhone 4, but the resolution is much higher. :)
  3. C DM, Oct 26, 2018
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    Didn't say anything about it being related to screen size, and haven't seen text be blurrier on those phones. Some people might see something like that, just as some are affected by PWM on some displays, and some see something else somewhere else, so that's kind of neither here nor there.
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    That's not how to works. 1080p has been around for many many years, it doesn't somehow make it horrible just because 4K came around and started to catch on.
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    Right, the only difference here is that the Xr screen is not even 1080p.
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    Having looked at the Max for over a month, when I went to the Apple store last night and played with the XRs on display, I immediately noticed the difference.

    The screen was not terrible, however, I was able to see some blurred edges or more like everything didn’t look as sharp. If I had never had time with my Max, I probably wouldn’t have been as aware.

    I like the size of the XR, btw. As an always Plus/Max user, it feels more balanced in my hand while still keeping a large screen size.
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    Any chance to put two movies on at the same time, pause and then show us the photo results? I'm quite interested to know how bigger or smaller the movie/tv show will display and if there is a noticeable difference in quality.
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    Zero difference in text here vs my XS Max unless you are an inch away from the screen which is bad for your eyes anyway... common people
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    not. The iPhone 8 from last year used the same DPI.
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    I think people are confusing apps that haven’t been optimised as examples of blurry text. It’s very obvious when an app isn’t optimised not only from the blur but also the keyboard is a different size e.g. Facebook. They need to be updated for the new resolution. This has happened since the iPhone 4 onwards, is it just a surprise because there’s not 2 black lines at the top and bottom like the iPhone 5 initially?

    I had an X and now an XR because of migraines and I actually can’t notice a difference in sharpness unless my phone is an inch from my face.

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