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    Jan 23, 2008
    My mother-in-law is running an iMac with the most recent version available of 10.9 and the most recent/compatible version of iPhoto (key here: not Photos being used but the older iPhoto). Her son recently passed away and when importing thousands of his photos into her iPhoto library there was some sort of error that required her to import a second time. When she did, it somehow imported duplicate copies of thousands of his photos. So, it would import the original photo named "IMG_xxxx", then the identical photo named "IMG_xxxx_2".

    She wants to delete the thousands of duplicates but I cannot figure an easy way to do it as a group (if there is great 3rd party app which accomplishes this, please post and I would consider it) from iPhoto itself. What I did try to do was use the Search function and search by name, figuring I could somehow search only for the photos which end in "_2", which would allow me to select all and batch delete. I cannot seem to get the "_2" as a valid search function in iPhoto, however, and wondered if I am merely doing something wrong and there is a way to search for the duplicates this way.

    If anyone has any suggestions, I welcome them. Thanks in advance.

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