1. U

    ImageFinder for Safari — Easily Reverse Image Search in Safari. Safari App Extension.

    Easily Reverse Image Search in Safari. Enables Reverse Image Search Through Google, TinEye, and Yandex as Context Menu Options. Check it out on the Mac App Store and look at the source code here if you're interested.
  2. NightFox

    Emoji Search uses AutoCorrect

    Not sure if this is a bug or by design, but when using Emoji Search, iOS seems to invisibly apply AutoCorrect to what you've typed. For example, if I start typing "Easter" and get as far as "Easte", rather than show every emoji that might start with "Easte", the search function seems to decide...
  3. B

    Question about Apple MAIL

    Is there a search function or filter function, where I can search specifically for emails that I have not replied to? Thanks
  4. S

    Coronation Street via Amazon Prime Video

    Hi All Wife got me an ATV 4K for Christmas and I am trying to setup our watch list and hers includes Coronation Street. We currently pay Amazon £4 a month for the itv player as this seems the only way to get HD away from Sky. When I do a Siri search it only gives me the option for ITV hub...
  5. D

    New Apple Music app search function

    I can't stand it, and just like with the last time they updated itunes, I need to find out how to be able to use the search function as it previously functioned. In this latest version you put in a word to search, and it shows results in a separate almost picture-like results screen. I have...
  6. M

    Airmail for Mac search failure

    I am having no luck with searches using Airmail 3 for Mac. Does not matter what I enter in the search field, there are NO RESULTS. For example, I opened a random one year old email from my stepdad and he mentioned the family cat, Kita. I entered "kita" into the search field and there were no...
  7. miles8888

    How to find an app's icon if you have hundreds?

    I know I can SEARCH and OPEN any app from my home screen by pulling down and using the search field. However I often want to find the app's icon in order to move it/delete it, etc. (ie: Not to OPEN the app, just to find its icon on my devices screen). As I have many apps (more than 15 screens...
  8. IBMJunkman

    iPad Pro Strange problem

    iPad Pro 2018, iOS 12.3.1 Bing set as default search engine. Using Safari I do a 1 word search. On the resulting page none of the hot links work. Search on ibm and no links work. Not even the news, images, etc links. Search on ibm spss and all links work. Search on trump or biden or beto or...
  9. ajmichmac

    Finder search results cannot be deleted

    This issue has got to be something that I am overlooking, as it is such a basic task... Upon searching for files with Finder, the list of found items cannot be deleted. Discovered this when attempting to search all drives for .BAK files. Finder locates many .BAK files, but when they are...
  10. walterhpdx

    Keychain - Search by password

    Is there a way to search Keychain passwords for a specific password? I know if I want to find out my password for GMail, I can go and search Keychain for "Google" or "GMail" and Keychain will find sites that match and allow me to get my password. But this is different. I want to find out what...
  11. cweese

    Search system files

    Hi! I'm trying to remove some preferences from Mojave OS and want to search the systems folders to make sure I have everything. I can't figure out how to include system folders in Search... is this not possible? The online tutorials I find show a little plus sign right under the search bar, but...
  12. audqyee

    Spotlight search not functioning

    Good morning/afternoon! For some reason, my spotlight search function on my iPad Pro 11” is no longer working. Swiping down from homepage prompts the search box, typing anything in however does not produce any results, apps or otherwise. I’ve restarted the device once without any success at all...
  13. danoise

    Sononym: Next-gen Sample Browser

    I'd like to share this cool project with you guys: Could be a game-changer for people who dabble with large amounts of samples: in particular, music producers and sound designers? The software will automatically classify your sounds according to dozens of categories, and pull off this...
  14. K

    Search for text inside MS Word files

    I could swear I did this before, but now it appears to not work. I have over 100 MS Word files, and I don't want to have to open each one individually to look for various phrases or words. Can't I just search at the folder level, and have it look inside each of those documents without having to...
  15. R

    Neither Spotlight not Search Finder working well

    Hi I'm on mid-2015 MB Pro, OS 10.13.5. Spotlight and Finder Search aren't working well. Can't find text in Word docs. This is important for my work. Anyway to reset Spotlight? Any testing to tell why it and Finder Search aren't working right? Can going into SafeBoot help spot things...
  16. AppDiscovery

    AppDiscoveryPro-Semantic search on App Store and Apps gone free

    Search plays a huge role in how users discover and download content on the App Store. With millions apps currently available in the App Store, actually finding what you are looking for is a lot of harder than it should be. Sure, it’s pretty easy to find those brand name apps, like Twitter or...
  17. rproch

    iPhone X Search language different than system language

    I am using iPhone X with iOS 11.3.1. The system was set up initially with Polish language as interface language. I've changed that to English and all the options in Settings are displayed in English. However, I need to use Polish to search in Settings. For example if I search for 'Camera' I get...
  18. AppDiscovery

    Promotion: AppDiscovery Pro -> Semantic Search & apps gone free

    Search plays a huge role in how users discover and download content on the App Store. With millions apps currently available in the App Store, actually finding what you are looking for is a lot of harder than it should be. Sure, it’s pretty easy to find those brand name apps, like Twitter or...
  19. F

    Indexing /Users/Shared with Spotlight

    Hi! Anyone know if there's a way to force Spotlight to index the contents of the /Users/Shared folder? I tried sudo mdutil -i on /Users/Shared but that didn't work. I also tried adding and removing the folder to the Spotlight Privacy exclusion list in System Settings. Didn't work either.
  20. melissapete24

    Suddenly Can't Access Anything Google

    I have an iPhone 7 running iOS 11.2.6; it has been since the update first came out, as I like to keep my devices up to date. Yesterday, everything was working just fine; I had no issues whatsoever. Today is a whole different story. I can't access anything Google. I first noticed it when I...