iPod touch 2g or 3G fraud?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Dobbs2, Mar 11, 2011.

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    Ok apple and retailers worldwide marketed the 8gb touch as 3rd gen when it came out. Now that 4.3 is out lots of people getting angry that they can't update to that firmware. The model number is MC086LL if you use several apps in the app store ie mactracker that a lot of apple employees use to help customers it says that model is 3rd gen. Yet when you type in the serial it comes back 2nd gen. Is this fraud on apple or best buy and other retailers? The receipt clearly has that model number and states its a 3rd gen on it.
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    8 GB "3rd" gen iPod Touch used iPod Touch 2nd Gen hardware in a 3rd gen casing....

    The 16/32/64 3rd gen iPod Touch used the faster processor from the iPhone 3GS.

    So, Apple is the one to blame... For marketing the low end iPod as 3rd gen, when in reality it was 2nd gen hardware. ;)
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    Would I be within my rights to go to the apple store and ask for the lowest gb 3rd gen refurb as an exchange? Would that be reasonable?
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    Yes and No. You could try it, its your right to try it. On the other hand.. even though they DID market it as a 3rd gen, they made it pretty clear on the website that it had a slower processor and lacked stuff like GPS and other goodies.
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    I'm pretty sure they wrote "3rd generation" for 32/64 but didn't write anything for the 8GB
  6. Dustman, Mar 11, 2011
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    You're right, sorry I was mistaken. If I remember correctly they also put a gray line dividing both the 8GB 2G and the 32/64GB 3G. Sorry OP I think you're SOL

    EDIT: Also, FYI.. The iPod Touch that you have, whatever you want to call it, is horribly slow. It only has 128MBs of ram, and a CPU thats slow as all hell. Being able to install iOS 4.3 would likely result in you smashing it against a wall after waiting 5 minutes for the iPod app to load. Also ask yourself, does iOS 4.x really offer anything you feel you're missing out on? Its not like apps are going to start requiring 4.3 anytime soon. Almost all work under 3.x
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    um iPod touch has never had GPS in them. So what Gps are you talking about?
  8. goosnarrggh, Mar 14, 2011
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    May 16, 2006
    Your recollection of history pretty much agrees with mine.

    In fact, I recall the reverse misconception being commonplace at the time:
    Many observers said that the improvements made to the 32GB and 64GB models weren't significant enough to justify them being called 3rd generation devices. There was significant resistance, at first, to using the expression "3rd generation" to describe the updated 32GB model and new 64GB model on Wikipedia. (The main reason for this argument was that there was no major cosmetic change to accompany the internal upgrades.) There was a pretty vocal minority who argued that the improved 32GB and 64GB models might have deserved the designation "2.5 Generation", or maybe "2GS", or something along those lines -- but certainly not "3rd Generation".

    After reviewing the presentation Steve Jobs made when the 3rd generation iPod touch was announced, I was already perfectly satisfied to agree that the 32 GB and 64GB models constituted a 3rd generation iPod touch, whereas the 8GB model was still the same product as the existing 2nd generation device.

    As I recall, the issue wasn't really finally put to rest until the following year when Apple announced the successor iPod touch (the current model -- the one with Facetime cameras), and officially called it a "4th generation iPod touch".

    Anyway, right from the start, Apple's literature was careful to distinguish the 8GB model from the 32GB and 64GB models, with some extra features (such as improved Voice Over features for the visually impaired) being available only for the 32GB and 64GB models but not for the 8GB model. Since there was always a disparity in the availability of features for the 8GB model versus the 32GB and 64GB models, it stands to reason to me that there should not have been any expectation that feature parity would be established or expanded in any future firmware updates.

    To the OP: Regardless of what name you chose to use to describe the 8GB models sold after the introduction of upgraded 32GB and 64GB models, I don't think your argument holds up to a reasonable level of scrutiny.
  9. goosnarrggh macrumors 68000

    May 16, 2006
    1) The 16GB iPod touch was discontinued at the same time the 3rd generation iPod touch was released. So no matter how you view the ambiguity surrounding the 8GB iPod touch model at the time of the 3rd generation launch, it can be said unequivocally that there was never any such thing as a 16GB 3rd gen iPod touch.

    2) The 3rd generation casing and the 2nd generation casing looked exactly the same from the outside. So it could be said that *every* 2nd and 3rd generation iPod touch was "in a 3rd generation casing".
  10. kuebby macrumors 68000


    Jan 18, 2007
    From the iPod touch tech specs:
    "Maps location-based service"

    Not actual GPS but it does have location services based on Wi-Fi, which is actually fairly accurate.
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    Jul 6, 2009
    No, I believe the back was slightly different. The capacity box was smaller on the 3rd gen compared to 2nd gen. I know, its stupid because the average consumer would not notice that ... but it was different.

    I don't think Apple is at fault because they wrote that the 32/64 were "twice as fast" where they didn't write anything for the 8GB. It sucks, but it is what it is. My 2G (which I sold a few days ago) was only 6-7 months old and it was already unsupported by Apple

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