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    Apr 12, 2001

    iPhoneAtlas compiled a list of differences between the new iPod Touch and the current iPhone.

    Amongst the differences:

    - No Email, Maps, Stocks, Weather, or Camera in the iPod Touch
    - Double tapping the iPod Touch's Home button twice when it is sleeping brings up touch controls to control your music
    - iPod Touch has separate Contacts app and separate Video app. On the iPhone, Contacts is built into the Phone function and Video built into the iPod function.
    - No Microphone or Speaker on the iPod Touch
    - Headphone jack on bottom of iPod Touch and is not recessed (unlike the iPhone)

    Apple has posted a guided tour video detailing the functions of the iPod Touch.

    Apple is expected to release an iPhone update to add Wi-Fi iTunes song purchases to the iPhone. The "double tap" Home button functionality detailed above could also easily be added in software to a future iPhone update.

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  2. chr1s60 macrumors 68000


    Jul 24, 2007
    It seems odd to me that the iPhone software update is coming later this month when the iPod Touch with WiFi store is already shipping. This makes me think that there will be something else included with the update. Maybe another app or some other changes in order to add some more appeal to the phone vs. the touch.

    I would like it if they made the bottom dock of the iPhone look like the dock on the iPod Touch. The touch dock is like Leopard, but the iPhone dock is it's own thing.
  3. ariza910 macrumors regular

    Oct 19, 2002
    So Cal
    iPod touch also has a leapord style dock with water table reflection

    Edit- ha beat me to it, i would like to see the leapord style dock on the iphone as well
  4. siurpeeman macrumors 603


    Dec 2, 2006
    the OC
    this is something i'd like to see in the iphone.

    also, is it me or is there no notes.app in the ipod touch?
  5. illitrate23 macrumors 6502a


    Jun 11, 2004
    i can't see a Notes app on the screenshots of the Touch screens, so i'm guessing it's not on there yet

    i thought the Touch wasn't shipping until the end of the month? at least that's the date they had on the Apple Store
  6. Loge macrumors 68020


    Jun 24, 2004
    I'd really like to see a Notes app, particularly as the old iPods have it, seems a bit of an omission. Even better if they added rich text, and no 4K or so limit.
  7. tmornini macrumors member

    Jul 16, 2002
    San Francisco
    Here's hoping this change is made to the iPhone as well.

    It absolutely sucks that you cannot access it directly from the main screen, and you cannot edit your contact list while on the phone.

    I love the iPhone, but it does need refinement. I have hopes that Apple will fix this, but will be less than 100% satisfied until they do.
  8. sammich macrumors 601


    Sep 26, 2006
    I was hoping the iPod Touch to be far a more PDA like. I would've liked to see it have a microphone (for voice notes) and bluetooth so I can put photos taken from my phone onto it. The touch is now, simply a iPod with a touchscreen, not enough feature-value over the classic.

    I'm still torn between the having the 16 gig Touch or the 160gig classic. Oh well, I guess I have until the 28th September to decide :D
  9. netdog macrumors 603


    Feb 6, 2006
    Will there be any way to run Skype or a similarly free telephony program? Clearly, a headset (mic and buds) should work as the 5.5 can accept a mic, but I wonder if we can make free calls when connected via WiFi. That's a deal-maker or breaker for me.
  10. slidingjon macrumors member

    Mar 3, 2005
    Coralville, Iowa
    I don't have the link, but another post I read mentions that the new iPods only have audio out in the 3.5 jack, so there wouldn't be a mic capability, unless I am off my rocker - good chance of that though.
  11. Loge macrumors 68020


    Jun 24, 2004
    Specs state "audio through 3.5mm jack" but surely they don't mean ONLY through the jack and not the dock connector ?? :confused:
  12. Vinnie_vw macrumors 6502

    Sep 16, 2005
    the Netherlands
    Now that the iPhone has fallen to the same price as the Touch, I really don't see that much of an incentive to get the latter. An extra 8GB is not that important to me, and the iPhone's phone and recording features are way more important to me than whatever the Touch has to offer. Not to mention (knock on wood) that the iPhone can be unlocked now.
  13. nukiduz macrumors 6502


    Apr 23, 2006
    iPhone's headset has a button to control its iPod. I guess this isn't happening with iPod touch :(
  14. carman63 macrumors regular

    Oct 27, 2006
    I'm wondering how long it will be before someone attempts to put the iPhone's flash image onto an iPod Touch, to see if you can get the email and maps functionality.
  15. mkaake macrumors 65816

    Apr 10, 2003
    Well, if I already had an iPhone, I'd agree... but not having one yet, the main reason that I wanted to pick one up was for the ability to do web on the go - more in hotspots than in random locations. So to me, the iPod is more attractive, as I can have a mobile safari with me to fire up any time I can get a wifi signal...

    And not having to up my phone bill $20/month for data is a nice touch too.
  16. cmcconkey macrumors 6502

    Nov 22, 2005
    Rocky Face, GA
    Well I would have thought that the "touch" would have had email on it. If Safari was on there then they could easily have Mail. For me the lack of Mail is almost a deal breaker. So I hope that in a future update they will add Mail.

    Also before anyone jumps on me saying that if I want mail then I should get an iPhone, just like people were jumped on when some people wanted safari and wi-fi on the iPod before it was released, I am a loyal Verizon subscriber and AT&T cell and customer service have turned me away from them years ago.

  17. RodThePlod macrumors 6502a


    Sep 7, 2005
    Yup that would be cool! iPod is evolving - and so I'm sure that an updated notes.app will be added soon if it isn't already there.

    Anyhow - I just ordered a 16Gb iPod touch :D can't wait till it's delivered!

  18. question fear macrumors 68020

    question fear

    Apr 10, 2003
    The "Garden" state
    Most likely the lack of a separate mail client is to discourage people from buying the ipod touch in place of the iphone. I am sure someone will hack it to add it in the future, but their logic is that they've added safari, go online and get your mail. IF you need dedicated mail, buy an iphone.

    Not saying that doesn't suck, but thats most likely the strategy apple is taking, since they also did not add maps, weather, or stocks, for probably the same reason.
  19. Purpleshorts macrumors newbie

    Mar 12, 2004
    Doesn't Web Access = Mail Access?

    If you can get to the web, and you use Yahoo mail (or maybe .mac) don't you have, in effect, a mail app?

    Further, don't you have a maps app through maps.google.com and weather and stocks... just in a different form than a dedicated app?
  20. question fear macrumors 68020

    question fear

    Apr 10, 2003
    The "Garden" state
    Exactly! None of those programs will work without wifi anyhow, so why put them on there to take up memory, when you can use safari to pull them down. And as someone above pointed out, a well set up google homepage will give you the same functionality, and all you need is wifi to get it.
  21. carltabet macrumors member

    Jun 30, 2007
    Well, then you'll just have to get both! :p
  22. DTphonehome macrumors 68000

    Apr 4, 2003
    I wouldn't be suprised at all if Apple decided to forgo the mic feature on the iPod Touch simply to make it impossible to use it as a WiFi skype handset. You know that some hackers are looking into that possibility right now.
  23. EarlyAdopter macrumors newbie

    Sep 6, 2007
    16g iphone

    The real news under the news is that with the 16g ipod touch, the 16g iphone is hiding under the counter. The further indicator is the withdrawal of the 4g iphone. I bet that by Christmas (or Jan at the latest), there will be a $399 16g iphone.
  24. The Stig macrumors 6502a

    The Stig

    Nov 4, 2006
    On the track
    I want something to replace my palm t3. I mostly use it for contacts (check), calendar (check), wifi (check), and notes (ch... WTF WHAT HAPPENED TO NOTES!!! I NEED NOTES!!! I know that is won't be AS good as just being able to draw on my palm but I would of settled for typing in notes. :mad::mad::mad: this makes me not really want to get one because I can't carry it and my palm around! I want an iPhone! BUT, I'm in Canada... when a 16gb comes out I might just get one anyway and there should be a hack out by then to have it work in Canada.)

    The Stig
  25. philoscoffee macrumors member

    Jun 11, 2007
    I agree with cmcconkey, the lack of a built-in e-mail client is very disappointing. The Mail app on the iPhone is so much better than checking webmail via Safari, and there is no technical reason why they couldn't have included it. Whilst I can see why Apple have done this from a marketing perspective, it seems a very cynical and unnecessary way of differentiating the iPod touch from the iPhone. I mean the latter one's a PHONE for goodness sakes!

    Anyone know if iPod touch supports AirTunes and sharing your iTunes library over Wi-Fi? Let's hope they add this stuff in a future software update... In the meantime, I'm getting an iPod classic. 80Gb for just £159? Sweet! :p

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