Irritated with Battery Cover so I emailed Apple

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by Roy Hobbs, Oct 29, 2008.

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    Roy Hobbs

    Apr 29, 2005
    After purchasing my first new 2.4 alu MacBook I took it home and the battery cover was very loose and had a broken weld on a hings. Returned it to the Apple Store for another, got it home and the battery cover was VERY loose. Returned it for another, this one isnt as bad but the cover is still loose and rattles when I type or set the MacBook on a hard surface (and yes I have tried bending the tabs) but the clicking is at the other end the side with the release latch, the cover is rattling on the metal underneath.

    After much wasted time and frustration I email the tried and true Steve Jobs email address, I got a call a from a person from Apple Executive offices, he said Steve wanted him to give me a call :)

    But they said they have heard nothing of the loose and/or rattleing covers and he wants me to email him the 3 serials and they want me to send in my MacBook so they can investigate and they will send me a new one.

    The intent of my email was to bring the issue to Apple and hopefully get this resolved for all of us.
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    Yeah, that's what Steve does all day...calls customers over small issues. And the stockholders love it.

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    I wouldn't want to talk to Steve even if he called me. What I'm supposed to talk to him because he's the owner of apple and he's rich? Who cares. Substance is everything, I'd much rather take a phone call from Malcolm X, MLK Jr., Thoreau, or J.D. Salinger ;)
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    I would rather talk to Steve, lol. Really though...Steve isn't just another rich guy. He has had a HUGE influence in the tech world and since computers have such an impact on society, I would consider him a rather important figure.
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    I agree, if Steve were to talk to anyone is to get input directly from the costumer. We all know surveys are not always reliable, so what if Steve does talk once in a while with customers? :rolleyes:

    At least, Steve does care about his customers enough to call him, unlike Ballmer that just brooms every problem under the rug and says Vista works even though it doesn't.;)

    In any case, if the OP is telling the truth (I am giving him the benefit of doubt), and Steve does call, be sure to name the screen and battery cover problems, maybe Steve will correct this with a replacement program??:rolleyes::D
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    You're not alone... I have this problem also on my 2.8 Alu Macbook Pro and I called Apple Care and asked them for a replacement battery cover... but they sent me the wrong cover... they sent me the one for Alu Macbook..:mad:. I'm really disappointed... This morning I called them again and they are sending me two parts this time... the bottom case and the battery cover... Let's see what happens next....
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    Did you refer him to this thread?
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    Reminds me of an old joke that supposedly really happened between Frank Sinatra and Don Rickles in a nightclub, but I'll modify it for Steve Jobs.

    So, a MacRumors member, let's call him Jim, is in the lobby of a five star hotel waiting for an important business contact to show up. Jim sees Steve Jobs sitting in the corner reading the newspaper. So Jim goes up to him and says, "Excuse me, Mr. Jobs. But I'm waiting to have an important meeting with a client that could really make my career. When my client shows up, could you come up and say, 'Hi, Jim, long time no see!' It would really help me out.

    Steve Jobs thinks about it for a second, then agrees.

    A moment later, the client walks in and Jim begins his meeting. Steve Jobs walks up to him and says, "Hi, Jim, long time no see!"

    Jim turns around and says, "Not now, Steve, can't you see I'm in a meeting?"
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