Is AppleCare worth it?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by jmac049, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. jmac049 macrumors member

    Jul 21, 2011
    I'm about to buy an iMac, i7, 2TB and was wondering what everyone's thoughts were on AppleCare. Is it worth the extra money? I know it is personal preference, but what are your opinions?
  2. dwd3885 macrumors 68020

    Dec 10, 2004
    i would wait until a year goes by and you have to make that decision then. (You have one year to purchase AppleCare on your machine). My deadline is tomorrow and I haven't decided yet either! I'm leaning towards not doing it. It's a good price, but still expensive if you never have to use it.
  3. mac-ho macrumors member

    It's one of the few aftermarket warrantys that Consumer Reports recommends.
  4. crut macrumors regular

    Dec 26, 2009
    It's worth buying and worth buying now whilst you are thinking about it.

    Too easy to forget later down the road.
  5. dwarnecke11 macrumors 6502

    Nov 29, 2009
    Absolutely. AppleCare on the iMac is cheap, and even cheaper with a student discount. Chances are, if anything happens to your iMac, you'll end up saving money by having coverage. AppleCare has already saved me $709 to replace my iMac's LCD (big glob of dust in the panel). This was covered under the 1-year included plan. After that experience, I didn't have to think twice about paying a measly $119 to extend my coverage to August 2013.
  6. jaikob macrumors 6502


    Jul 1, 2008
    Freeland, MI
    You get a big bang for your buck with AppleCare. I recommend it to all of my friends and family. With what I've gone through with my MacBook Pro, iPhone, and iPad I always buy AppleCare.

    Really top of the line service and support.
  7. BruiserB macrumors 65816

    Aug 9, 2008
    It's a great service, but would recommend buying it somewhere for less than from Apple. I think Amazon sells it at a discount. I have also bought on eBay and had success, but I do think there are horror stories out there, so buyer beware on that.
  8. killerboot macrumors newbie

    Apr 15, 2008
    the hard drive should be covered by samsung when it fails though.
  9. Livestrong macrumors newbie

    Jul 26, 2011
    I always do this as well, I did it for my macbook pro and my iMac, and as other have said it is easy to forget. In the end I always end of getting it just to be save. It is a very good warranty. So i agree with most other just get it now
  10. Liquinn Suspended

    Apr 10, 2011
    Depends if you want it I guess, I normally get my Applecare from Amazon as it's a little bit cheaper.
  11. bumzo1 macrumors 6502a

    Jan 31, 2009
    Dallas, TX
    definitely worth the money, I've already made my money back just replacing my mouse and keyboard twice because of user damage (oops). I'm about to bring in my iMac to see if I can get the display replaced because of a burn in issue. They might also have to replace the logic board due to an odd freezing issue thats not the fault of the OS. Neither of these problems really bother me that much but if I get them fixed under apple care then I am going to. $100 or so is a small price to pay when your new mac costs almost 20 times that to replace if anything goes wrong.
  12. Papanate macrumors 6502


    Jul 21, 2011
    North Carolina
    I have bought it for every piece I own...2 x MacBook Pros,iMac, iPad, iPhone etc...and I've never had to use it.

    but I wouldn't venture forth without it because the one time I will need it will probably be critical.
  13. JRoDDz macrumors 68000


    Jul 2, 2009
    It's only worth it if your computer breaks during the Applecare warranty period. Otherwise if it doesn't break, then it's a waste of money.
  14. ascNYC macrumors member

    Jul 15, 2010
    I say no

    I've been using macs since the mid 80's (my first was a Mac 128) and have never purchased Apple Care on any of them. I think with a laptop it makes more sense but with desktop systems my feeling is that if something is going to go wrong it typically does so in the first 12 months. Additionally unlike a laptop an iMac typically remains in one place and is less susceptible to damage. On my new 2011 i7 Mac I had dust and hair under the glass and got it fixed quickly by Apple as it was only a few weeks old. stuff like this you typically notice within the first year.

    There's always the story however of someone who didn't purchase and their system failed on the 366th day. So if piece of mind is what you're looking for go for it but I'm happy without it.

  15. CHSeifert macrumors 6502


    Dec 28, 2010
    Copenhagen, Denmark - Scandinavia
    It depends on your insurance and on the product you buy !

    iMac have a strong tendency to get issues with the screen because of dust particles from the computer situated 1" behind the glass with only a LED LCD panel in between.
    So with an iMac I opted for AppleCare. Not a doubt in my mind !

    However when I got the iPad 2, the iPhone 4 and the MBA 13 - I got them with a special warranty my card provider has with an insurance company which gives me 4 years warranty on all electronic products I buy using that credit card.
    And in our country most cell phone providers also have shops, and they are very service minded when it comes to iPhones.

    So it depends on your personal situation and on the product you're planning to buy :)

    Since you're buying an iMac - buy AppleCare NOW !!!
  16. dndlnx macrumors 6502


    Dec 9, 2010
    It's definitely worth it for the peace of mind...and it makes your machine more valuable on the used market. If you ever decide to sell in the future, to get a new one. Which lots of Mac users seem to do!

    I would try it buy elsewhere though. B&H sells it cheaper, I think. Personally, all the Applecare I've bought has been from ebay. Haven't had any problems whatsoever.
  17. Spike88 macrumors 6502a

    Jan 25, 2010
    It depends....

    My iMac is 11 months old. This week, I needed to decide to buy AppleCare or NOT. Since no screen issues, no disk issues, no "internal heat" concerns, I decided NO. If I pushed my iMac 8+ hours each day, know its internal runs hot, wasn't happy with internal hard drive sounds, etc, etc, then I'd say AppleCare is worth it. It's like buying extended warranty. If you drive a vehicle everyday, then its worth it. If you drive vehicle short distances only 4 days a week, then perhaps its not worth it.

    Your call - based on usage and how your iMac is running now... And, one's individual risk tolerance level...

  18. Taz Mangus macrumors 68040

    Taz Mangus

    Mar 10, 2011
    I look at Applecare as a twofold thing. First, it ups your warrantee to 3 years. Second, it allows you to call in anytime within the 3 years to get help for a Mac related problem. Without Applecare you only get 90 days phone support.

    I was helping out a relative setup his network which consisted of a 15" Macbook Pro, a Windows PC and a airport extreme base station. The Mac had no issues connecting with the Airport base station. The problem lied in how to get the PC to connect to the same network. I tried multiple times to connect the Windows PC with the hex SSID. It was a no go. From there I decided to call the manufacturer of the wireless PC device. Not much help as they thought it was a problem with the Airport base station. I then called up Applecare and within 30 minutes I had the PC connecting to the network. The problem, as it turns out, was that I had to enter the SSID in ASCII like I would for the Mac.

    Everytime that I have had Applecare it has more than paid for itself in one way or another. Keep in mind that under Applecare, if Apple can't fix the computer they will replace it. Nothing is perfect and there are bound to be problems at one time or another.

    Think of it like a piece of mind insurance policy.
  19. zarathu macrumors regular


    May 14, 2003
    What does apple care not cover?

    My mac book pro has the nvidia GPU problem. it could have been replaced under the recall, but apparently its easier for the apple store to fix it under apple care and then worry about the recall later. However, they say my fans are not making spec and that the fans are not covered under Applecare.

    Could this be true?
  20. iSayuSay macrumors 68030


    Feb 6, 2011
    Sure it's worth it, you ordered BTO iMac which priced more than $2000. Say you order iMac with $2500, and iMac's Applecare is considered cheapest among others, around $140

    That way you only pay about 6 - 7% of your iMac value for additional 2 years warranty and phone support. I mean 3 years is a long time, long enough to make a perfectly healthy iMac show its age and problems. So, it's a blunder if you don't get AppleCare for that price.
  21. stevenlangley1 macrumors regular


    Jun 9, 2009
    Yes its worth it. It has paid for itself on almost every piece of hardware I've had.
  22. Texran macrumors regular

    Mar 12, 2011
  23. Rizvi1 macrumors 6502a

    Mar 29, 2006
    Laurel, MD (Baltimore, MD / Washington, DC area)
    yeah it's the only one I would consider buying. but I only do it on my Macbook laptops because those are so much easier to have problems with since they're always moving around. On my home mac mini I haven't done it/wouldn't do it. The other bad thing about non-portables is that they make you bring in to an apple store where they only address the issue. When you have applecare on your portable, they let you mail it in which is good because they're usually better about fixing issues you may have while the store may not if they don't see it. I've even gotten them to fix a broken screen by mailing it in. Also they fix other things.

    If you get applecare, make sure to get your money's worth by sending it in whenever something is off or you think it's off. If you do that then it's not a waste of money.
  24. interrobang macrumors 6502

    May 25, 2011
    And you're confident that a $1199 Chinese-made iMac is built to the same standard of quality as a $5177.24 (in today's dollars) USA-made Mac 128?
  25. Lankyman macrumors 68000

    May 14, 2011
    Maybe OK for U.S. market but you can get just as good cover (if not better) in U.K. from at least one retailer - John Lewis. Buy a new iMac from them and you get a no quibble TWO year warranty for nothing with an option to extend to a third year for just £68.

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