Is C2D MBP Sturdy?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by ColdFlame87, Nov 8, 2006.

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    hey everyone i recently became the proud owner of a new C2D Macbook Pro.The main reason why i bought the computer was to take it to school and take notes/record lectures, and do some video editing work. I got a case for it but what i was wondering is how sturdy is the MBP. I will constantly be taking it in and out of its case and moving it from place to place constantly. Also while in the case it will shake when im walking and while in the car. I know i may just be paranoid but will all this do some heavy ware on the computer or is it rather sturdy and be able to sustain all the abuse. I will take care of it of course but will all this affect the computer itself. Also i was wondering if it would be wise to put the computer in the case while asleep or would it need to be shut down everytime (especially when on the move?) Thank in advance for your help
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    In terms of the sturdiness of the case, macbooks clearly wins over MBP's, since aluminium is easier to dent. However, if you buy a good bag/case/sleeve for it, it can easily sustain what you are worried about. Your worries might have been troubling 6-7 years ago, but laptops now are constructed to take a lot of bumping.

    And yes, you can just close the lid and it will go to sleep and rise and shine when you open it again. No need to shutdown the os EVER! :D
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    I have a PBG4 17". The MBP is built almost the same. They're pretty sturdy, but not MacBooks. The skin can dent (don't ask how I know). Some people have had issues with the latches, but this is my 3 Powerbook (since 500mHz TiBook), and never have had a problem. I always close the lid gently. If you close it too fast, the latches might not have time to fully deploy before engaging the bottom part of the latch. (in case you didn't notice, there are magnets in the bottom that "suck" the lid latches out just in time to engage) Just my theory as to why some have worn latches.

    The case I have fits snug (Brenthaven). I wouldn't feel comfortable if it slid around.

    As for sleep vs. shutdown, I never shutdown my machine. I might, if I know I won't be using it for many days in a row, but otherwise, it sleeps. The only dissadvantage is when arriving, the battery won't be as "fresh" as it would if it was shutdown.

    When putting the machine to sleep, I wait until the sleep light is flashing before moving the machine.
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    Jan 24, 2006
  5. Zadillo macrumors 65832

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    I've mentioned this in other threads, so I'll mention it here too. I'm planning on picking up a Speck Products SeeThru hard shell for the MBP as soon as the new ones come out (updated to handle the changes in the MBP C2D case). It basically adds a hard plastic shell to the outside of the MBP, like an iPod hard case, and should definitely help in preventing some of the typical "wear and tear" dents and scratches that otherwise might happen from normal use.
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    I'll second that - for pure durability, the MacBook is more bullet-proof, however, if you get a decent case (I absolutely love my Brenthaven Metro Deluxe!) a MBP is well-protected during travel. (Using a similar Brenthaven case for my Titanium PowerBook the past 4 years, back-and-forth to work, traveling on every business trip and vacation,etc., the TiBook still looks brand new, with nary a scratch or ding!)

    I also never shutdown my MBP - only if software installation requires it, otherwise it sleeps whenever I'm not using it!


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    Its good to hear they are pretty durable, and yes i recently bought a Brethaven Metro bag for my MBP (such a nice case) Anyone have any problems with the case of their macbook pros.

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