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Sep 14, 2006
I've got a couple of the apple wireless keyboards and although I like the feel and layout quite a bit I have some angst because of the wireless. I actually much prefer the older usb version as it has the same layout and feel but doesn't require batteries or bluetooth voodoo.
Is it normal to have to remove the keyboard from bluetooth prefs every time you change the batteries? I don't seem to get more than a month or two of use from a set of batteries (sometimes much less) and then I have to spend several minutes after changing batteries just getting the computer to connect with the darn keyboard.


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Dec 1, 2006
Cedar Rapids, IA. USA
After changing the batteries in the wireless keyboard, I simply press the keyboard power button, the green light comes on, and the computer finds the keyboard again and connects with no problems. This is on currently 6 different computers, iMac, cMacPro, MacMini, with no problems.

If pressing the power button on the keyboard doesn't work, you might try removing the keyboard from bluetooth system preferences and re-pairing it again.
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