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  1. H

    question about battery health, mac

    Good, see, a few weeks ago I came out in the battery tab "recommended service" help me with an app to see the health of my battery, I only have 256 cycles and health is at 77%, there are times where it goes up to 80% and others that go down to 73%, as long as I can use it connected, is it...
  2. BlueberryMac

    How long should 2 AA batteries last in an Apple wireless mouse? So far, I am getting about 4-5 weeks... that seems horrible.

    I bought an older (Late 2013) iMac from my university and with it came an Apple Wireless Mouse, the not-rechargable kind that takes two AA batteries. I got the iMac and mouse out of storage recently and put in some batteries I had, then noticed that a couple of weeks later I was getting...
  3. T

    iPhone 7(+) iPhone 7+ battery issues.

    Recently had a third party repair For my iPhone 7+, i had the battery changed at a local store, which seems silly now looking back, as i should of gone to apple like my gut told me to. after the battery repair i can only turn the phone on while it is plugged in, and when i remove the charger...
  4. dusk007

    What does time on ac actually refer too?

    I just had to plug and and restart a totally dead notebook 0%. It is a 1 week old Ice Lake 13" MBP so as new as it gets. After about three days of it sitting in my backback not being opened it was dead. I assume it was close to 100% when it went into the bag. I used to own a 15" from 2013 and...
  5. Gareth Veitch

    Apple sent me two oversized batteries in my shipping box 🤔🤷‍♂️

    Anything like this ever happen to anyone? I initiated a repair order for my MBP a couple days ago, and when I received my shipping box this morning inside it were two large 12V 18Ah batteries at about ten lbs each. 🤣 The lady on customer support was perplexed to say the least. She initiated a...
  6. MannykMac

    MBP late 2011, New Battery loses power very quickly.

    hi there, I have a MBP late 2011. I just put a replacement battery in it. The information about new battery is in the following screenshot after I charge it to 100%, and remove the power cord, the charge quickly drops to 6% or 7%. that is, within 2 or 3 minutes. I have reset the...
  7. bladerunner2000

    Apple used ICE to seize Louis Rossmann's shipment of original MacBook batteries

    How and why is Apple's disrespect for the right to repair still not addressed and stopped? Found through reddit at the following link: There's a thread on MR about Apple and planned...
  8. Z

    iPhone 6(S)(+) iPhone battery replacement

    What was the reason for Apple's decision to replacing iPhone6 (and later) batteries?
  9. arkitect

    Magic Trackpad… Batteries draining super fast.

    I have noticed the past few months the batteries are draining incredibly fast. I used to eke out two months or so… well that was when I bought the trackpad new a couple years ago. Right now I am down to 1 1/2 weeks, which is frankly ridiculous! For the record: Mac mini, 2.6 GHz Intel Core i5...
  10. aevan

    Negative side effects when charging an iPhone with an external battery?

    This may seem like a silly question, but I've rarely used external batteries before, and honestly, I never charged my Apple devices with anything other than Apple chargers. Now, I know that people use external batteries for a lot of things, but then again, people will often sacrifice battery...
  11. dukee101

    AirPods Battery Degradation

    Do AirPods batteries (in the case and the earbuds themselves) experience the same kind of battery degradation as phones? We all know how bad battery degradation can be with phones. Does that carry over to this audio accessory? It is after all the same underlying battery technology (lithium-ion).
  12. V

    MBP 15'' mid-2012: batteries keep bulging

    MacBook Pro 2.7GHz 15" Mid-2012 Unibody, A1286 I have a very strange problem with batteries. My initial Apple battery lived for 2 years and then got bulged. I usually use a laptop in “room conditions” but prior that day I traveled for 1-2 days in hot conditions (about 86 Fahrenheit) — if it...
  13. C

    Replace MBP battery before it goes obsolete

    I have a 2012 15" MBP with optical drive, which should be going obsolete in the next few months (anyone know the precise date?). My battery is currently listed as in good health. Battery reports 87% capacity (5994 mAh) and 688 charge cycles. I don't know much about batteries, but...
  14. M

    Battery questions - replacement + external

    Is there any brand other than Apple you would trust for an internal battery replacement for MacBook Pro early 2011? Or should I just take it in? What external battery would you recommend? Larger capacity (40000+mah) preferably. I have both an early 2011 MacBook Pro and late 2016 MacBook Pro...
  15. V

    Question: Battery strange behavior. What to do? What to know?

    Hi again, MacForums friends. I have yet another question that I wanted to do some time ago. Previously, I said in a thread, that I have a faulty battery and asked what measures to take using my Macbook until I replace the battery. I own a 15-inch MacBook Pro Mid-2010, that I got as a birthday...
  16. ourcore

    Late 2011 MBP battery replacement

    Hey, guys, I just got a new 2016 MBP and will be selling my old late 2011 MBP. Problem is that since I used to use it in closed clamshell mode, I didn't notice that the trackpad wasn't working until recently. After opening it up, I discovered that the battery has swollen. So, before selling the...
  17. H

    iPhone 6 stopped charging

    I bought an used iPhone 6, so no warranty here. It's been working fine for a week but now a weird thing happened. I had my battery at zero and I borrowed my friends charger to charge it. I charged it a bit but it unfortunately fell on the ground during that. It was in a case and it has a...
  18. fokmik

    Battery life for 13" and 15" Macbook Pro

    Put here for all of us your battery life for surfing the web on MacRumors From what i read, after indexing and all of that is done, the battery usage is like 11 hours for 15" and 12 hours for the 13"
  19. C

    Is it normal to do voodoo every time Apple keyboard batteries die?

    I've got a couple of the apple wireless keyboards and although I like the feel and layout quite a bit I have some angst because of the wireless. I actually much prefer the older usb version as it has the same layout and feel but doesn't require batteries or bluetooth voodoo. Is it normal to...