Is Lion Servers 'AFP' service more reliable than 10.5

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    We use AFP home shares on our colleges Mac network. Initally we used 10.6 Snow Leopard Server to serve these AFP home shares, however we found the AFP Service to be rather unreliable in Snow Leopard Server. It had slow file transfers, would occasionally kick people off for no real reason, causing machines to crash and sometimes would spike CPU usage to ridiculous rates. After trying loads of hacks that the server community have suggested like increasing thread numbers and such, we decided to try 10.5 server, and 10.5 was not as bad, though it still does it. It's becoming really demoralising watching people complain when the server randomly kicks them off, so i'm desperately looking for solutions to this.

    The server hardware is not struggling in any way, the logs prove that, and i am confident that nothing is setup incorrectly, it's just the AFP service itself being unreliable.

    So i'm wondering, is the AFP server service in 10.7 Lion Server any more reliable than the one in 10.6? I'm looking to upgrade one of our XServes to 10.7 Lion Server and just use that to service AFP Home folders
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    Since 10.7.2 not one problem with 240 iMacs w/ open driectory, fileshare and other AFP bs.

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