Is My True Depth Camera Not Working?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by EmkwanTV, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. EmkwanTV, Nov 10, 2017
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    Hi guys!!

    I’ve been looking forward to using clips as soon as I saw it demoed on the new iPhone X. Having downloaded the app updated, I noticed it doesn’t work in the way Apple demoed and advertised. I can’t get the background to move around as I move. It’s static stuck in one place.

    I’ve tried multiple times to remove app and re-download. Is this an issue with my true depth camera? How else could I test out the camera to check?
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    Bump? Surprised no one has commented on this. Hopefully you get everything working again.
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    Tested it on mine. Works great.

    Does portrait mode work on your phone? Open camera, go to the front camera (So you see yourself), slide to portrait mode and see if it recognizes your face. Also do Animoji and Face ID work?

    If you answered YES to all of the above, then the problem is not the True Depth camera. It's something to do with the processor and motion calculations. The Gyro/accelerometer could be dysfunctional, try restoring your phone to factory and see if it works then to rule out a software problem from another app?

    Also make sure you aren't in Low Power mode.

    Do you have Snapchat? Do its filters (like the Bitmoji and dancing seagull) work properly?

    I tested your bug, do you want to go test mine? ;)

    Let me know your answers to my thoughts and we'll go from there on why Clips might not be working.

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    Try this.

    Hands-On With Apple's Updated Clips App on iPhone X

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