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iphone x

  1. M

    iPhone 13 I’m thinking of upgrading from the X to 13 due to bad battery life, but I’m worried about that build quality won’t be the same.

    The battery life on my X is very disappointing. I’m often left with just 50% battery by the time I get to work. It gets very warm as well, so I’m thinking of upgrading to a 13. However, I’m worried about the build quality wont live up to my X. I absolutely love the stainless steel on my X. It’s...
  2. Cyndaquil

    iPhone X Battery health significantly degraded at 100% iphone x

    Hello, hope you guys can be of help. I recently purchased an iphone x reburbished from a reliable source, it's out of guarantee I realized one day after 2 weeks i got it the battery said "service" and went check and battery capacity was at 100% anyway the day after it went to 96% then 92%. I...
  3. N

    iOS 15 Alarm Bug on iPhone X after upgrading from iOS 11?

    Recently upgraded my iPhone X directly from iOS 11 to iOS 15 finally. It wasn't straightforward as I had to plug it into my PC to get it to install the update. Anyway, I had a daily alarm set @ 8 AM every weekday before the upgrade. It looks like the clock app is different on the new iOS. I...
  4. janeauburn

    Other The old phone appreciation thread

    Still using and enjoying my 8 Plus. Estimated savings over purchasing an equivalent new iPhone every year: $6000 (including cases, accessories, etc.) Have a friend who is still using a flip phone. Every year he looks at the new iPhones but invests the money he would have spent on a new phone...
  5. C

    Iphone X dead, Apple watch alive, saving data?

    Hi community! I have a problem that I'm hoping to find a solution for. My Iphone X screen stopped working (I suspect it got a hit some time ago). When I try to turn it off, I can feel it vibrating, when I charge it, it makes a sound and when my apple watch pages it it responds. But the screen is...
  6. I

    iPhone X - circles/rings on screen

    We’ve suddenly noticed rings on the display of our iPhone X - about 4 or 5 at a time, they are about 2mm and shimmer when you move the phone around in an angle, like the rings are made of tiny liquid droplets. They disappear when rubbing the screen in that area and slowly build up again, not in...
  7. H

    iPhone 12 Pro Max I couldn't find my iPhone (silent), had to ring it for 15 - 20 mins continuously and had to hear for the vibration, damaged vibration?

    This is only curiosity, but I tend to think of iPhones as being very fragile ..people complain about all sorts of issues, and im one of those people that REALLY baby their new iPhone for the first few months. Basically I had to search for my iPhone as I couldn't find it anywhere, after calling...
  8. J

    iPhone 12 Pro Max Sweat while sleeping and iPhone 12

    This might be an exaggeration but lately I’m falling asleep and I do so by watching YouTube videos hence holding my iPhone very tightly. However I wake up in the middle of the night with my hands dripping wet and my iPhone covered in sweat, a lot. This of course isn’t the place to ask for...
  9. A

    Will an edge to edge screen protector cover a bezel crack on an iPhone X?

    My iPhone X has a crack on the top right bezel (couple cracks concentrated in one area). I was wondering if an edge to edge screen protector that has black edges would cover up the crack in any way. Everything else works perfectly, but this is a cosmetic issue.
  10. J

    iPhone 12 Pro Max iPhone and indoors humidity?

    I questioned this when I realised the condensation on the sides of the window in my room. I sleep in a very small room and it's winter here, so warm indoors and cold outdoors, and often when I wake up there is condensation on the sides of the only window in my room; after a quick search this is...
  11. H

    iPhone X iPhone WhatsApp backup cancerous problem that nobody wants to fix

    Hi, so I have many problems. 1- every weekly I backup WhatsApp and it’s shows it’s backing up from the start like if last week I have 5gb of backed up data already and this week i got extra 1gb, iPhone will try to upload 6gb this week instead of 1 gb which i got extra this week 2- why it’s...
  12. S

    Sound issues with used iPhone X

    I just bought a used iPhone X from Gazelle, "acceptable" condition. I am moving from a 6s Plus which I have owned for 6 years. I feel like something is off about the audio, but I haven't been keeping track of comparisons between each successive model release, and I can't rule out that I'm just...
  13. J

    Iphone X camera issue, iOS 14

    Hi everyone, Ever since I updated my iPhone X to iOS 14 (running iOS 14.3 currently) my camera has been crashing. It works via Instagram (low quality). I’ve updated iOS 14 twice now and have even reset my settings twice but still no luck. It worked for a day after updating to iOS 14.3 but it’s...
  14. D

    iPhone 11 Pro Defective lense or software issue?

    Looking at the attached file, 11 Pro on the left, iPhone X on the right. I am noticing that the portrait mode on my 11 Pro (recently purchased used, still under warranty) is not properly blurring the objects consistently. You can see the shot taken on the left (11 Pro) the box has much less...
  15. B

    iPhone 12 A love letter to the iPhone 12 mini

    Apple got something really right with the iPhone 12 mini. Playing around with my Black mini for the last 24hrs has been a nostalgic experience, sending me 7 years back to the good ol' iPhone 5 days. At the same time, it makes a strong, completely unexpected argument for what the future of iPhone...
  16. D

    iPhone 12 Pro Is it worth to upgrade to the 12 Pro (Max) from an iPhone X?

    Hi, any thoughts on this. I was actually wondering if it would be worth the upgrade considering the price of the new iPhones. I've had the 256 gb iPhone X for three years now and the battery is starting to wear off, but other than that the phone is working perfectly and it's a relatively cheap...
  17. A

    iPhone X Bit more of an Apple fan today

    My X had a swollen battery so I took it into the Apple Store today. I expected to have to pay for a new battery and repair since I am long out of my warranty. The battery was so swollen that the screen had separated from the body on the entire left side of the phone. The Genius took a look at it...
  18. scarrz

    Smartish Kung Fu Grip 12P VS 12PM size comparison.

    Couple Smartish Kung Fu Grip 12P vs 12PM cases to compare.
  19. R

    iPhone X - battery drain after iOS 14.0.1

    Hi, i do charge my iPhone X on a Qi charger over night since over an year by now. Optimized loading procedure is activated and there was never an issue with that. Since updating to 14.0.1 Qi charging is very very slow (on the exact same charger). And tonight it failed to charge up to 100%...
  20. S

    iPhone Storage Bug

    Anyone else facing issue with incorrect iPhone storage bug on iOS 14? My iPhone X shows 138 GB / 256 GB used but the bar shows it’s full. Even the health data shows 1.61TB used.