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  1. H00513R

    Account Icons

    Hello Everyone, I'm having some trouble with the user images on my iMac with Catalina and iPhone Xs: 1. If I go to System > Preferences I see an image next to my name at the top that has Apple ID and Family Sharing icons next to it. 2. If I click the Apple ID icon then I get another image...
  2. H

    iPhone X Best price for old iPhone X

    Where can I get the best price for my old iPhone X in New York?
  3. S

    iPhone X touch screen intermittently stops responding

    New issue where the touch screen on my iPhone X randomly stops responding. Here's the details: It seems to only happen sometimes (but not every time) I pull the phone out of my pocket. It doesn't seem to happen if it is lying on a table, etc. Normally if the phone is locked (screen off) I can...
  4. matthew12

    Cases Like Folio Case That Lock Your Phone When You Close It?

    Hi. Just wondering if there's any cases like Apple's Folio case and Twelve South's SurfacePad that lock your iPhone when you close it. I have an iPhone X, and would like something similar to this: https://www.padandquill.com/heritage-bella-fino-iphone-x-wallet-case.html. Anyone know any? I...
  5. M

    Can police unlock my iPhone?

    iPhone X running iOS 12.3.2 4 digit numeral password I have a mental illness and was arrested for trying to light a car on fire. Anyways the police took my phone and I pleaded guilty in court, and now I'm getting treatment for my illness. However, after the court, the police decides to give...
  6. Q

    iPhone X Can you tell the difference between the screens of X, XS and 11 Pro?

    I want to upgrade to a more recent iPhone and I'm thinking the iPhone X (or XS or 11 Pro). (non-Max models) I don't care about anything else other than the screen. When you look at these 3 phones' front, can you tell the difference? Is there a differenence in how thick the front bezel is...
  7. X

    All Devices iPhone X restored to 13.1.3 from 13.2.2 (after signing window closed)

    As of Nov 17th 2019, I was able to FutureRestore to an unsigned firmware (iOS 13.1.3) from 13.2.2 on both my iPhone X and iPhone 7 after the Apple signing window for 13.1.3 was closed. These steps would normally be used if the boot nonce generator code of your device does not match the...
  8. R

    iPhone X - mail app doesn't work (iOS 13.2.2)

    Hello, after updating to iOS 13.x Mail app doesn't work any more on my iPhone X. It does not render a proper Mail list within minutes. With no mail-listing you can't read/write mails. Closing mail, restarting mail, restarting iPhone - no effect. After last update to iOS 13.2.2 it worked for one...
  9. PhillyGuy72

    An accessory for your X, XS, XS Max?? More like a "Halloween Costume" 😆😐

    I swear, I knew someone would create these! Ok, so this fake sticker/attachment turns your "old, outdated" looking iPhone into the current design. May fool a few I guess. But I already see the major flaw after sticking this on your older phones, dust and dirt getting UNDER the sticker...
  10. bobjonesco

    iPhone X Anyone else still loving their iPhone X in 2019?

    Last month, I made the decision to buy a new in store iPhone X for $1,000 (AUD) and I feel like it's a much nicer phone for the price than the iPhone 11Pro with is $1,749 AUD here. I might still get AppleCare+ on it, although that's $300 and not sure if I need it at that price). I used to have...
  11. Fahriszn

    iPhone X automatically turns on classic invert

    Hi guys , My iPhone X randomly turns on classic invert while I use the phone , just started happening recently , not very often . What could be the issue ? I have a aftermarket screen installed , its been 7 months roughly . thank you
  12. F

    iPhone X Wifi disconnects while on sleep mode

    Since I updated to iOS 13, my iPhone has begun to disconnect to the wifi when it's locked. When I tap the screen to wake, I see my wifi symbol for like half a second, then it shows 4G, and then after a second or 2, it is once again connected to wifi. The issue is that this eliminates me using...
  13. S

    iMessage Text box on dialing screen on 12.4.1

    Anyone notice a text box on a X, Xs or Max at the bottom of the phone dial screen after 12.4.1. My father's iPhone 8 on same version does not do this.
  14. Sellatease

    iPhone 11 Pro What will happen to brand new Iphone x and XS that's not been sold

    I went through some online marketplace over here in Nigeria. I found out that units of Iphone X and XS max are still available in some retail stores. What will happen to those mobile phones. Will they sell it at a cheaper rate because its now old model or will they return it to the iphone...
  15. S

    iPhone X How to Erase Everything on iPhone X Completely

    iPhone device keeps updating. Now the newly released iPhone for 2019 is coming on its way and I am hoping to replace it with my old iPhone X. I need to wipe all my data and if you guys can suggest how to do it. Thanks.
  16. T

    Broke iPhone X Back Glass... Should I Replace for Water Resistance?

    After almost two years, I finally damaged by iPhone X. Ironically after dropping it many times, this time it literally fell from a couple inches while I was underneath my car. The back glass doesn't look too bad... from a purely cosmetic standpoint it's probably not worth replacing. However...
  17. L

    iPhone X iPhone X boot loop after (slight) water damage

    On vacation I accidentally fell into the sea with my iPhone X. It was just for a brief 20 seconds until I got out of the water. The iPhone continued working for a long period, but I noticed that my Face ID was currently unavailable. Later that evening, my iPhone died and I wanted to charge it...
  18. Disead

    Does the iPhone X have the ability to block texts containing potentially harmful content?

    My dad recently received a suspicious text message (he has an Android phone) that he did not respond to but he asked me about. I attempted to forward the message to myself from his phone several times but the forwarded message refused to go through. Is this blocking ability inherent to the...
  19. V

    iPhone X Screen seems to lose color intensity in time

    Hi, After owning my iPhone X for more then a year now, I recently noticed something odd. My wife bought a Samsung with OLED display and after she posted a couple pictures on instagram, we noticed that the colors on her screen were way more saturated then on my iPhone. Because it’s a different...
  20. A

    iPhone X iPhone’s IMEI is linked to previous owner

    I bought a new iPhone X last week, only to find out a few days later that it was locked to Bell, despite what the seller had told me. I called Bell and they said that the phone’s IMEI is linked to an active account and I cannot get it unlocked without the original buyer’s permission. I have...