Is the iPhone OS really resolution dependent?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by TheMechanic, Dec 15, 2008.

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    What do you think?

    Apple markets its iPhone OS or Touch OS, I'm not sure what they call it, as a platform. At the moment all devices that are build upon this platform, iPhone and iPod touch, have the same resolution screen. But what about future devices that will at some point definitely have another resolution? Will that mean all Apps have to be recoded? Or another App Store for another product?
    Basically my main question is, when Apple developed the Touch OS had they solely the iPhone in mind, thus no other devices like the iPod touch and no Touch OS platform? Or was it Apples intention to build this new software platform from the beginning?
    I think this is an important point because if Apple intended to develop the touch-based operating system for several new products it would be stupid to limit it to only one resolution.
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    If the OS goes to a higher reolution down the line, I'd guess that they'll make sure that the aspect ratio is the same as it is now, just scaled up.
    But then again, Apple isn't exactly known for backwards comparability with a lot of their peripherals, so maybe future apps for any higher res OS will be for that OS only, as any previous iPhone model wouldn't be made any more.
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    I imagine any future "HD" iPhones will be able to run all the current apps just fine.

    Apple didn't create a whole new platform just to throw it away after a couple of years. ;)
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    It is one line of code to get the screen size. And if an application handles rotation, it already handles two screen sizes. And many applications will handle zooming in some form. Screen layouts can be easily programmed to be dependent on the screen size.

    If you consider that chances for another device with a bigger screen are not bad, I'd expect that any clever programmer writes code that will run with a different screen size.
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    That's what I thought about.
    My teachers in university always tell me to spend more time on thinking an developing clever solutions first because it saves you a lot of time later on.
    I'm not a programming expert, but doesn't it generate better code if you don't hardcode (right term?) things like screen size/resolution in your app or OS?
    So I hope there are smart developers out there, at Apple and elsewhere.

    It would make sense if Apple developed the Touch OS like Mac OS X. I know that under the hood Touch OS is basically a trimmed down Mac OS X, but nobody really knows how much they trimmed it down actually.
    I mean you can install the same OS X on several different systems, MacBooks, iMacs, etc. , and it works flawlessly. I imagine Touch OS to be the same. The same OS for all touch-enabled devices. Only switching on/off support for different hardware or adding drivers.
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    At the developer conferences they were talking about building your apps do be resolution independent to ensure future proofness.

    But they stressed that that wasn't a hint and what's to come, just that it's a possibility.

    I mean, they already have Cocoa Touch for Intel. The iPhone Simulator uses it. It's definitely possible that they make some sort of plus-sized iPod Touch.
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    I think it is not only about a smaller screen iPhone or a bigger screen tablet-something. Steve Jobs likes to say things like "It has the highest pixel density we've ever shipped!!". So the iPhone itself will get a higher res display...

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