Is there a good tutorial on Apple Music?

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    I'm not impressed, which leads me to believe I'm not using it properly. I keep seeing 'For You' and their 'chill mix', and 'new music mix'; PASS.

    I don't have friends so I don't have anyone to listen to. Then 'recently played', and I get that.

    So 'Wednesday's Playlists'. There is only six. Really? 'Heavy rotation', there again, only 4? Then 'Wednesday's albums'. ICK! 'Tailored for my taste' is a mess of mess. Artist spotlight playlists, only 6. New releases, YAWN. Connect posts looks like a blog/news list. Hmm...

    Where's the excitement? Did Apple Music replace all of my tracks with upgraded tracks?

    I was looking for more of an XM replacement that would play random music in a genre and not just the same playlist over and over.

    I must be missing something...
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    You do have 'Radio' Beats 1 and the selection of Genres there..

    I'm starting to move on to that as well, since the "for you' recommendations Apple picks are getting old. as its already something i have..

    The idea is to pick "new" stuff u havan't got yet... Apple probably doesn't scan playlsts for this intelligence which is why its not much help.

    Apple Music doesn't need a manual, and in all honesty...i don't think one would even help..

    There are articles by Apple, iMore but they are say pretty much the same as we already know..

    It's not really the "manual' that's needed anyway, its the fact Apple need to provide a better way since its not perfect. Never has been since the launch
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    See, and that's what I am looking for. A 'channel' for lack of a better word, where music that I don't necessarily have is played in a random order. Yeah, the 'For You' is so old right now. If that was all I had available, I'd toss Apple Music right now.

    I also have an eclectic music collection, and could suffer a lot of different music, but Apple Music doesn't seem to know that. I got Alternative and Jazz as selections. *shrug*

    Yeah, manuals would be a waste. I remember a family member bought a 'directory of the internet'. I laughed. It's outdated as it's being printed. They kept it for years, and would ask me why some sites were inaccessible. I finally threw their book out, and introduced them to Google.

    I just had higher hopes, and Apple Music hasn't been the 'end all, be all' that I was lead to think that it could be. Like I said, obviously I'm using it wrong. *shrug*

    Thanks. I'll definitely look at it closer now.
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    I've had success with creating customized radio stations based on artists or songs, sort of like Pandora. I search for an artist, then when the artist name comes up I click on the artist, then the "three dots" and then click on "Create Station." This has often got what you are looking for, play random music in a genre.

    Hope this helps!

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