Is there a line-out for the Lightning connector?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Apple!Fre@k, Aug 28, 2013.

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    I just tried using Apple's own Lightning to 30-pin adaptor to plug my iPad mini into an XtremeMac car charger with a line-out port build into it. It was charging the iPad, but wouldn't play music through the line-out port that I connected to the AUX port in my car. The iPad just kept playing music through its own speakers.

    So I'm guessing the Lightning connector doesn't support line-out?? What a shame if so! Is there ANY way to get audio and power through the Lightning port? I would HATE it if I had to run a separate cable for the power into the Lightning plug and then another cable for music through the headphone jack at the top of the iPad mini. And I don't want to use Bluetooth for audio... I want a hardwired connection because I hate the few second lag of Bluetooth.

    Know of any solutions?

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    The Lightning connector doesn't provide any analog audio, however the Apple 30-pin adapter includes a D/A to support analog out.

    It could be that your charger adapter isn't providing the correct device code to enable external audio. Years ago, I had a similar problem with a disc changer adapter that was working with an iPod, but ceased to function when I plugged in an iPhone. I ended up needed a new adapter that provided the proper code (it's set by a specific resistor value in the 30-pin adapter).

    About the only thing I can suggest is to search around and see what 30-pin charger/audio-out adapters others are using with the iPad Mini. (If you haven't already, check with XtremeMac, too.)
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    Hmmm... Any recommendations for any other audio out chargers I can try? I don't know of any!

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